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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. willie

    Let's help Hiltz

    I need a bit of help from the trannies masses getting myself back into training the correct way, improving my diet and ultimately helping me get back towards my best both in sport and life in general. I don't need over the top positivity (it's weird) and I definitely dont need any negativity, I'm good enough at that. I do need constructive criticism and some guidance. As some of you may know I've fudged up my life a couple of times and faced some very dark times in the very recent past. I was completely broken mentally, physically, socially and financially. Those few of you who know parts of it will know what I'm talking about (if you want to know hit me up over a beer sometime, I don't mind talking about it). There was a thread I wrote years ago that as it turns out, wasn't even close to being the lowest point in my life. But alas, somehow I'm still kicking and doing my best to get back on track. Yes I could get a coach, but history says I've never done well with a coach and do a lot better whilst training as part of a group and not necessarily following a set program. In the past however, I made sure I got at least 2 key session in each S B R done each week. Cost of a coach is also prohibitive considering where I'm at financially (more legal costs and bought a BMW for personal reasons). So where do I start and what do I need to do? I've been doing ZERO swimming, riding my fixie a lot to and from work/around Sydney, have been doing a bit of running, but nothing too extreme. I've been playing a bit of hockey as well. I wouldn't say I'm 'fit' by any means. I weigh about 93kgs at the moment so not exactly a light weight. It's my time to change things and learn as much as I can in the process. I have started planning (for probably the first time ever) the season ahead. It will look like the following: 19OCT14 - Port Mac 70.3, I did this a couple of years ago in 5.57. 26OCT14 - Nepean Classic, I did this in 2003 as a 16 year and had NFI. 1.59 (fun fact, Go Easy beat me by a minute and I vouched the 'old' man wouldn't ever beat me again ) 23NOV14 - HB100 Never raced here but figure why not. I may change to Shep the week before but still undecided. I like the sound of Shep being flat and fast and HB100 as being rather scenic. Late Nov/Early December - Possibly a sprint just cause. I'll be back next season (15/16) and will do a complete Tri season. Goal 1 - Lose over 10kgs before HB100 Goal 2 - Beat both previous PM 70.3 and Nepean times Goal 3 - Run 5km < 17.30 (I ran 16.10 in another life) Goal 4 - Consistency throughout Goal 5 - Stay injury free Then early December it's back to running 200/400 on the track. Ultimately this is more important than the triathlon as I plan on heading overseas for a couple of months next year to run with a mate of mine in the US. I hit a 52.8 @ 92kgs over 400 this past season (I started the season with a 63.0 ) and really need to be back towards 47/48 by JUN15. I've talked to my athletics mentor and he doesn't think it's a brilliant idea but understands the reasons behind it and we have a plan going forward. So over to the masses. How?
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