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Found 1 result

  1. Apologies to Florence and the Machine for some lyric manipulation there... After visting a Physio and an Osteo to fix my hamstring problem, on Monday I visited a doctor. I was sent for an MRI and then back to the doctor - I knew things weren't looking too good when she said "you must have a very high pain threshold to run with your back in that state." She referred me to a specialist Sports Doctor, who went through each slide of the MRI with me, and identified the cause of my hamstring pain as a disc issue. I have three discs which have a 'tear' and have lost fluid (the discs look all dark and flat in the MRI), bulge out and compress the nerves. This has led to a loss of bone density (white patches on the MRI), and the doc mentioned that this will result in the vertebrae fusing together. He detailed that my back has lost the ability to absorb shock, and he wrapped-up the consult by saying: "my job is to get active people back to doing the things they love. Unfortunately in your case, you should never run again". I sat there in complete shock! I went there with a hamstring problem, and am being told never to run again! I get back pain, but not to the extent it stops me running, not even to the extent where I feel that I even need to visit the doctor. It's not there all the time, and it doesn't stop me doing anything. I'm not ready to stop running, and I'm not ready to stop racing triathlon! I achieved a PB racing an Ironman last week, and this week I'm being told never to run again. It's proving rather hard to take-in at the moment. My mindset at the moment is "f-it, keep going"! Does anyone know of someone in the Sydney area who can give a second opinion on such things?
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