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Year of first Tri race?

Found 6 results

  1. hey all, for those who like the race report thing, I've done mine up over here on my medium page. https://medium.com/@dbmurray/race-report-sunshine-coast-70-3-half-ironman-2273ec9b2730 Would love to hear other reports from those who raced.
  2. Hi all A friend of mine is a masseuse and would like to set up a table to provide free massages for competitors at the Sunshine Coast 70.3. Does anyone know who she can contact about this?
  3. JUST ANNOUNCED: APRIL 27, 2014. The first ever half-ironman in the Northern Territory is going to be held 1,500KM or just under 1,000 miles from the closest major body of water. That's right folks. "The Red Center" is going to put athletes to the test by starting them in a wave form in the outdoor 50 meter pool. I do not know of another half-ironman in the world where the swim is held in a pool, and since the race will most likely be wet-suit legal as the races have been in the past, can you say "PB"? This is a huge deal for our club. We have grown from a handful of members to over 100 last year. In addition to the growth, many of our members have now competed in half and full ironman events. We sent 10+ individuals to Cairns in 2013 and we'll be having 9 members compete in Ironman Wester Australia in December 2014. But it all started with Tavis Johannsen; someone who left this world way to young but laid the groundwork for triathlon to thrive in central Australia. What until last year was known as the Tavis Johannsen Ultra composed of a 2K swim, 60K ride, and 15K run will now expand to 1.9K swim, 90K ride, and 21.1K run. I am very interested to hear what people think about doing a half ironman with the swim held in a pool. It is surely going to be a massive event. http://www.alicespringstriathlonclub.com/ https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=583926558312230&id=188506527854237&comment_id=6423603&offset=0&total_comments=4#!/pages/Alice-Springs-Triathlon-Club/188506527854237 Alice Springs Triathlon Club
  4. I've signed up for Port half, I was initially feeling really nervous especially about the hill, but I'm starting to feel it's do-able. Those of you who have done it before and remember your first couple of attempts - would you mind sharing some things you learned? Just for a little background, I've done 3 seasons of triathlons up to Olympic distance. I was an outlier bad swimmer but now I've improved to be just plain BOTP. Running is my best leg but I'm working back into it after having a shin problem sorted (going well at this stage). I've been working hard on the bike especially strength and hill efforts. My goal is to finish but I have a secret time goal in mind.
  5. Can't believe there hasn't been a topic about this yet, specially with Shepparton selling out so quickly. Are people really scared of the hills that they will not enter Port Mac 70.3 and the race will not sell out? I am locked in. Who else is doing it?
  6. I'm starting to feel ready to look at when I'll do my first half ironman distance. I've started with a list of events: 4/5 May 2012 - Busso 3 June 2012 - Cairns 19 August 2012 - Yeppoon 28 October 2012 - Port Macquarie 16 December 2012 - Canberra And the elite energy ultimates: Husky II – 19 February 2012 Bateman’s Bay – 1 April 2012 Forster – 7 October 2012 Wagga (last held 26 November 2011) Does anyone have any strong views on which ones would be best for a first attempt? Port Macquarie is tempting, being only 2 hours from Newcastle. (I live in Sydney but have family in Newcastle.) And for some reason I feel highly resistant about swimming in the lake in Canberra. Seems toxic. Husky II is obviously out, probably Bateman's Bay as well and anything in the first half of the year. I sort of need time to get my head around doing it. I'll probably make a decision after the Sydney triathlon in April. Would appreciate any comments or advice Thank you from a newbie!
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