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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Flanman

    Something special st IMOZ 2017

    So, if you have been around since 2007, you will know about the Green Machine. For those that don't, Ian Green aka Trannie "The Green Machine" had a heart attack during the IMOZ 2007 swim. Unfortunately he passed away. A lot of people know Ian's wife Pam. (Trannie - Mrs Chat). There was a plaque put of the Surf Club in Port after Ian's passing plus a special board has been dedicated to Ian. Anyway, it's been 10 years now and Ironman did something very special at the race this year. To explain, I have cut a couple of paragraphs from Pam Greens Facebook page (she won't mind). -------------------------- Wow 10 years have passed since Ian died. I have just spent the last week at Port Macquarie with such a big bag of mixed emotions. What can I say? Wow, what an absolute tribute not just to my wonderful husband Ian Green, the Green Machine using his rock for the towel, the first male and female finishing tape, the medal, the Tshirt and age winners trophy but a tribute to all Ironmen, particularly the legends who have competed at Forster and now Port Macquarie. As I say Ian left me the biggest legacy anyone could ever want in a sport. Thank you Australian Ironman and the Local Committee for all the support I receive from you. I dare not mention names I would miss some, You all know who you are. And to the Ironmen and their families who give me this big adrenalin rush thank you. I am deeply honoured to say that I was married to this beautiful man. Thank you for your hugs and love AND see you next year xxx Pam --------