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Year of first Tri race?

Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, Still running an old garmin 310 which has served me well, but connectivity issues makes it a pain to try and upload anything. Mate is working hard to get me to commit to a Wahoo Element Bolt as he reckons its the ducks nuts. Not doubting that it is, however if i ever get the foot right and can run again I would like something that can cater for multisport and / or have the capacity to pair to the wahoo hrm. Too many options and I am confused. Anyone have any suggestions / recommendations Budget circa $500 so dont tell me a new fenix or something, even though though they look awesome. Cheers in advance Ayto
  2. SOLD I got this for Christmas and I dont like it. the touch screen is hard to use when I rest my hands on it when riding the TT position. Used 3 times and still in AS NEW condition. Comes with original box and packaging, USB charging cable, rubber stem mounts and out front mount. Does NOT have heart rate strap or speed/cadence sensor. I am happy to sell it for a reasonable price. Was bought for me for Christmas and paid full retail price, which is $600. I would accept $500 for it. OR if someone would like to buy me a new Garmin 520 I would be happy with that. I can Post it anywhere or you can pickup in Melbourne. Postage is an extra $10.
  3. Selling my Garmin Fenix 2 - $300 ONO Had for 11 months (Christmas present last year) with pretty light use. Not using it much anymore so decided to sell it. In full working order, no scratches or sign of wear. Looks like new. RRP - $565 but selling for $300.00 I will upload photos in the coming days, but it's exactly as it looks in Google search. Comes with the following: Original Box Heart Rate Monitor (Garmin HRM - Run Model) USB Cable to charge and Upload Training Files Spare Velcro Band + Tools to swap the band User Manuals and Warranty details (less than 1 month left on warranty) PM me if you're interested in the watch.
  4. Calling on the collective wisdom of the Tranny world. So we are spending 2 or so weeks rolling through central Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany......... Zurich, Vienna, Munich etc etc ) in 3 weeks time. Got most of the accommodation taken care of and a brief itinerary sorted. We will be taking a bike box so we have opted to hire a car (which has also been sorted) BUT ..... the optional extra for a GPS for the time of the rental is as much as the rental itself So my question is - Does anyone have a GPS with European maps that is sitting around and needs the dust blowing off it for a few weeks? (happy to reimburse the kind Tranny who helps out with a bottle of whatever coloured liquid they fancy ) or Does someone know how much a "cheap" (Have you seen the Euro at the moment? ) GPS is to purchase when we arrive? or Does someone have another option other than "using my smart phone so I can be shafted by overseas data roaming costs" Other travel tips will be greatly appreciated as well
  5. onesock

    Suunto Vs Garmin

    I am thinking of getting a Suunto Ambit2 with HRM as opposed to a Garmin Forerunner 910. Any thoughts?
  6. https://www.tomtom.com/en_au/products/your-sports/tomtom-multi-sport-gps-watch/dark-grey-heart-rate-monitor-cadence-speed-altimeter/index.jsp Anyone using one of these? I had a look at one today. Nice fit. $319.00 including HRM and Bike Mount. What's the verdict? Good option for triathlon? Could it last an Ironman?
  7. Naut

    Magellan Switch

    Has anyone tried the Magellan Switch? Seems like a cheap alternative to a Garmin and I am all about the cheap alternatives. Biggest issue seems to be an 8 hour battery life. DC Rainmaker review here.
  8. itsmeyd

    WTB- GPS watch

    Hi im currently after a GPS watch for myself. any particular brand would be nice. send me your offers Kind Regards
  9. Orca

    WTS: Garmin 405CX

    Hi Guys, Garmin 405CX for sale, had for about 4 years but now surplus to needs as I have a 910 & 310 and this is just not getting used anymore. In quite good nick and still holds a decent charge, it will come with the original box with everything included except a HR monitor. The charger and usb stick are brand new as i have kept the original one and put a new one in the box from the 910. All extra straps that originally came with it are still there in the box plus the tool to change them. $150 posted or make me an offer, item is in Melbourne so happy to take some off if you want to pick up. Cheers
  10. Mango

    FS: Garmin 310xt

    I have my used but still in perfect working condition 310xt for sale. It comes with the USB ant+ stick, USB charging cable and AC wall socket. $160 including postage to anywhere in Australia and it's all yours. Reason for sale is I received a nice shiny 910xt as an early Christmas present
  11. Looking to pickup a soft strap Garmin heart rate monitor, possibly a cadence sensor as well - but only as an afterthought If you have one sitting around that you want to get rid of drop me a line and let me know how much you want for it Cheers Sutts
  12. Just letting people know a firmware update came out about 4 weeks ago. Changes made from version 3.70 to 3.90: Fixed the rapid fire auto pause issues being seen with cycling Fixed the countdown timer Fixed an issue with custom workouts showing instantaneous pace instead of average pace Fixed an issue with high alerts in custom workouts causing the activity not to upload to GC Improved elevation gain and loss Improved map drawing Fixed issues with courses Fixed issues with heart rate zones Fixed an issue with the naming of custom workouts Fixed an issue with locations being deleted after updating software Fixed the odometer not accruing mileage Fixed an issue where lap times were always recorded in whole seconds Fixed an issue with the Avg Lap data field showing incorrect data. Now, the Avg Lap time field shows the average times of completed laps Fixed an issue with the device reporting an incorrect GPS version Made a change to fix the swim setting not being retained after sport change Update here https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/fr310update.jsp Garmin thread here https://forums.garmin.com/showthread.php?t=22183 I had a few issues after updating were I couldn't connect to any ANT+ equipment but did a hard reset with the power+mode buttons and all is good now.
  13. cal32

    GPS Watches

    Looking at getting a GPS watch (never had one) for my 40th. Is the Garmin 310 still the best ? I actually have no real desire to swim with one or even use in a race. More interested in - reliable GPS pacing for run and Ride - good mapping software and way point guidance - good HR functions - not too bulky - good bike cadence/speed (does GPS take care of this ?) Thanks
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