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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. Rimmer


    .... and here is me thinking bikes are expensive!!!!
  2. Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster - hopefully I haven't broken any forum rules by posting this.... Just about to kick off my training for the tri season with the aim of doing my first ironman sometime next year so I'm getting my gear together. I'm trying to get recommendations on some kind of SPF 'swim top' for a man. I'd like to do a few lunchtime base-building swims at my work, and don't really fancy lathering up on sunscreen for a 20 minute swim and after something functional that will not be too much of an impedance in the water. Nor do I really want to bring my tri suit to work. I've been looking at what speedo offer in terms of 'sun tops' (see here for example) - but these seem to be like tops you'd wear doing water sports rather than something you train in. Has anyone used a sun top while training and can make any recommendations? Many thanks in advance, Daz
  3. Hi Guys, I want to have a crack qualifying for cross worlds in 2016 Lake Crackenback. I have zero mountain bike riding experience. and zero knowledge of the bikes and what to look for. never done and off-road triathlon. I will be mainly getting my fitness road riding as I don't have a lot of time to travel to the the trails being in Sydney's eastern suburbs (unless you know of somewhere close?) Firstly I need a bike. I can see the first debate is dual suspension vs Hardtail.......? I would like a decent bike, so something that will not make it harder than it needs to be. I know a decent bike makes a difference in triathlon so I assume its the same? what should I be looking for in a bike? Any good places to ride in sydney? any good people to learn from ? what other gear is important in cross tri? do people wear MTB shoes or tri shoes? cheers!
  4. Due to knees, I will no longer be running and won't need some gear - much of which is brand new, never used (purchased for North Face). UltrAspire Omega Race Pack (Ether Blue) - (inc bladder, still sealed) - (New, never used) - $110 - http://www.ultramarathonrunningstore.com/UltrAspire-OMEGA-Backpack-Race-Vest-p/ua505.htm Nathan HPL20 (inc bladder) - (Used twice, very clean, great condition) - $65 - http://www.ezisports.com.au/nathan-hpl-020-hydration-vest/?gclid=CICnyPDL8cACFYGWvQoddBMAVA Innov 8 Mesh Pocket - (new, never used, in package) - Free with Ultraspire or Nathan Pack Source Tube + UTA Kit - (New, unused, in packaging) - $20 - http://sourceoutdoor.com/en/accessories/88-uta-qmt-kit.html Ronhill Trail Microlight Pant - Size M - Black (New, unused, in packaging) - $30 - http://www.wiggle.com.au/ronhill-trail-microlight-pant-aw13/ Polar FT4M Silver/Black Watch, HRM (Mew.Unused, in packaging) - $45 - http://www.thepolarshop.com.au/polar-fitness-hrm-s-c-6/ft4-male-silver-p-142 Pickup Sydney N.Ryde, Inner West, City or Post at buyer expense Prices updated
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