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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. I thought that this was worth posting. http://gi-singh.blogspot.com.au/2010/09/forster-olympic-triathlon.html
  2. I know its another wetsuit topic, but its a different topic to the usual should I wear one or will we be allowed. Forster Challenge is going to start at 1pm at the end of November which means there is a fair chance of it being 30+degrees outside. So i have a couple of questions relating to the situation. Does it matter what the temp is outside if the water temp is still wetsuit legal? Is it worth the risk of overheating in your suit? or, if you are hot (sweating) is the main concern the effect it will have later in the race? Anyone chosen not to wear a wetsuit regardless of whether your allowed?
  3. Heading up tomorrow for 9 days R & R at Forster (Tuncurry actually).Taking my small boat and doing a bit of fishing with the missus. Always love the area. There are great memories everywhere from the IM times. It's almost like cuddling an old favorite blanket - just feels and smells great. I might even do a few runs and swims. FM
  4. Hi folks Can anyone advise of the quality of the bike leg at Forster? A friend did an IM there back in 2004 and said he would never go back as the road was like corrugated iron! Have the roads been upgraded in the last 8 years or is it still pretty bumpy? This will be a deciding factor as to whether I can convince him to accompany me on my first long course! Cheers Rosie
  5. Who's doing the Forster Ultimate Triathlon? Date: Sunday 16th October 2011 Location: Forster Keys NSW Course Distance: 2km Swim / 120km Bike / 20km Run Race Status: NSW Tri-Series Cost: $250 for the loyal TA members. Other races on the 15th. ratdog bennyG CoffsPete ThePenthousePet
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