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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Chasing fitness with Ego

    OK September 2016 I started "training" again after an inconsistent and at times non existing period of training. Hit my head really badly in July this year which stuffed up months of consistent work. Resulting recovery has been frustrating with more 2-3 day bits lost here and there due to a foggy head, and with the requirements of my job, I have to take those sensations seriously. If I was still a Boilermaker I wouldn't mind. So I have found myself trying to get faster and fitter by pushing more, training harder. But this has effected my consistency too. I'm a solid bloke and intensity fries me badly. Has anyone else had to rebuild slowly and had success? I am going back to what got me fit in the first place, basic Endurance and easy training. I have to remove the ego and just get fit. Goal event is Busso Half next May. Cheers
  2. Guest


    G'day all Been consistently training since August last year. Only missed 30 days in this time, longest consecutive period was 3 days in February '17. The thing that I've noticed is that I have plateaued in the pool and on the bike. Pool fitness is ok, doing what I need to, averaging 8km a week, aerobic strength focused. Maybe stroke correction coaching is the next step?? Bike is where I haven't really gotten any stronger/faster/fitter in the past 6 months. Once again, aerobic strength focus, long periods in the aero position etc. But I am not getting any faster. I ride as much as possible which is around 4-8hrs cycling a week. Not much by IP standards but on the weeks I have my daughter, I can only do so much. So "long" rides are fortnightly. I've been using Trainer Road but I think it is detrimental to my progress as my power measurement is way inaccurate(virtual power) and I don't feel like I am getting stronger like I was when I was riding by feel, and my long ride HR/Speeds confirm this. I consolted a friend who suggested strength intervals and more riding which made perfect sense. So I am looking for experiences with plateaus in fitness and how you got through it and went up a level. I have between 10-17hrs of available training time. 10 when I have my daughter, 17 when I don't. I work Mon-Fri and no weekends. Cheers
  3. george-bob

    2014 goals

    So, given there is a week left I think most people are thinking about 2014 (or the strava challenge THEN 2014). What are your goals for racing, for life or whatever you want to achieve in 2014.
  4. A saying on the back of a Noosa Triathlon shirt from several years ago went something like... "There's no logical reason why anyone would ever want to do a triathlon... Cool Huh!" After spending almost 2 decades in the sport, and experiencing and achieving much more than I ever thought was possible for an average bloke like myself, and then having a forced 'lay-off' for over 8 months due to injuries, I really didn't think that there was too much of a reason for me to continue in the sport. Even though I'll probably never get close to achieving the same results as I did before, I still have a real burning desire to get back into the sport and do some more events. But I really can't work out why. Last year I lost a really good mate and training partner. Even though we only trained together a couple of times a week, and didn't always compete in the same events, we always knew what events each other had coming up and I think this helped keep us both motivated. I had some good results last year, and I think he played a big part in all of them. To some degree, I think Trannies has helped replace this mate. So I'm wondering, what keeps you guys doing races? Is it the heath & fitness benefits, the training involved, or the friendships you make along the way. Also, why do you need to do races - wouldn't you get the same benefits from just doing the training?
  5. Hi guys, lately - probably thanks to the advent of the Melbourne Ironman - I have been considering doing an Ironman. Obviously I'd do a half first, or maybe even a shorter distance before that. Completing an IM in <12hrs has been a goal of mine for several years, I just never thought I was fit enough. This leads me to my real question: how "fit" should you realistically be before attempting to complete the 20week training programmes? I've run 2 marathons and am planning on a third soon, but 4:30hrs is a far cry from 12hrs. I know my weaknesses etc but I'd just like a ball park, how fit were you guys before you considered doing an IM?
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