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Found 3 results

  1. So post my crash my front wheel looks like it hit a curb, not a branch and my rear wheel has a serious imbalance. Sounds like the perfect excuse for new wheels. I am not rich and know bugger all about wheels. I am around 85 kgs and ride mostly hills on a variety of road surfaces, so weight, stiffness and strength mean more to me than aero. Currently looking at getting some Fulcrum Racing 5s, anyone got any other suggestions around that price point?
  2. Looks like the Mrs is keen to get me a FatBike (damn shame ) but I know next to nothing about them. My old MTB is over 12 years old and nearly dead so its good timing. It will mainly be used for beach riding as a safe option for holiday training (seven mile beach) and general tooling around. So after a cheap serviceable option. What size would I be in a Fat bike? I ride a 56cm roadie and a 54cm TT bike but not sure on MTB sizing.
  3. So I'm thinking of moving into the modern world and considering a powermeter. My next race is Shep half, then Port Mac IM. I'm definately a boper, with my best IM bike at Busso in 6:25 or something. Cairns was a shocking effort at 6:50 (or something.....). In the Cairns buildup, I tried using HR for my training, but never seemed to really get the numbers i was told I should be (couldn't match zones with RPE, efforts, TT's etc) - so I'm not sure it helped over just riding by feel. I'm not racing for sheep stations, but a consistent improvement in my bike strength, pacing, and ability to run off well. (I was feeling good to run well in Cairns, but threw myself off the bike at the dismount, which shattered all my hopes - but at least not my kneecap like last time). Would a powermeter be a worthwhile investment for a slowbie like me? I do have a spin bike ( no output) and a mag trainer for my bike that has power, although I've read its relative only to itself, on any one day. All comments gladly received - helpful, constructive, funny, taking the piss, and even non-constructive ones
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