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Year of first Tri race?

Found 8 results

  1. 2 FREE ENTRIES to Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney, Ironman WA & Ironman 70.3 Ballarat up for grabs Entries are open NOW! Close 16/82 https://www.facebook.com/EnduraSportsNutrition/photos/a.423312777689530.93689.304727756214700/951687534852049/?type=1&theater
  2. Endura are giving away 2 entries to Mandurah 70.3 and Port Mac 70.3. Entries close Sunday week. Follow the link for details: https://www.facebook.com/EnduraSportsNutrition/photos/a.423312777689530.93689.304727756214700/939629116057891/?type=1&theater
  3. Speedy J offered to give the new Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel a test as he was training up for 6 Foot Track Read his opinion here: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=260
  4. Endura as the sponsors of Ironman have some free entries to giveaway to Ironman Cairns. It's on again! Want to race Ironman Cairns or Ironman 70.3 Cairns for FREE!? Endura has 2 entries to each event up for grabs, entries are open NOW, enter here http://goo.gl/usJ8Jc
  5. Our friends at Endura caught up with Australia’s top finisher at Kona last year to get some racing/training tips for Ironman or Ironman 70.3’s. Check out Tim Berkel’s Ironman pro tips here http://goo.gl/1PaS7t
  6. Hi all, as we know Endura are now the electrolyte supplier to Ironman. I showed Endura the thread on the subject which showed a few folks having issues with Endura. Now there may be people who have a real issue with Endura and others who maybe don't train on Endura and then when racing at effort may not be able to stomach anything and simply blame the Endura because that was what was on offer on the day. Anyhoo I have a tub of the new Endura rehydration formula for testing. Its an 800gm tub of Raspberry so could be split to allow a few to try on a long training session or two. If there is anyone who is (A)Doing Ironman (B.) not usually a fan of Endura or previously had issues with Endura (C.) maybe lives localish to Sydney as Im not sure of the viability of splitting the tub up and posting baggies of powder round the country. (D) can give an unbiased review and write a few legible words on it. Roxii
  7. IRONMAN Asia Pacific announce new brand partnership with Endura Sports Nutrition http://transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=146&p=10
  8. Naut

    Endura Gels

    I tried Endura Gels the other day and found them much thinner and easier to down than other gels. To be honest, they were that much easier to stomach I figure there has to be a catch. What am I missing? Is there some downside to these things that I am missing. Note - I have no affiliation to Endura.
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