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Year of first Tri race?

Found 8 results

  1. Clappers

    BIG Husky 2020

    I've just entered Big Husky 2020 for the bargain price of $265, this price only available until 5pm today so come on what are you waiting for
  2. Looks like an interesting event from Emo http://www.eliteenergy.com.au/event/formula-two-triathlon/race-1-2-3/
  3. I recently returned from a few days at Jindabyne to enjoy a bit of training, check out the AAA course and escape some wet Sydney weather. Plenty of cyclists, including a few triathletes, riding the roads in the high country. For all the time I have spent in the Snowies over summer, I have done relatively little cycling in the area. I knew the ride was going to be fun, but WOW, this is going to be a brilliant course. It's been a long time since I've ridden a tri course as interesting, beautiful and challenging as the AAA course. Add a clean, fresh-water lake and some alternately brilliant and brutal high country running, including of course Mt Kosciuszko, and we have the genesis of a truly epic race, one that is distinctly Australian, a landmark for our sport in this country and a beacon for international athletes. For the 95% of IM athletes in Aust who will never go to Kona, this has the potential to become the stand-out event for those who want to further test their athletic capabilities beyond IM. Yet the race appears to be garnering such limited support on Transitions. On the AAA thread there is only about 6 people committing to enter and the thread is yet to bump onto a second page. Assuming Trannies is representative of the wider tri community, (let's hope in this case it isn't), what does it take to elicit excitement over an event? I applaud Emo for having the initiative and vision for launching the Alpine Ascent. He can see that AAA could be the biggest game changer in long distance tri in Australia since Forster secured a decent tenure and established with the Ironman name in the late '80s. Not since the late Mark Pringle re-launched the ill-fated MMM Tri in Sydney's north in 1992 has an RD had the foresight and balls to initiate a race of this calibre in Australia. And it's now that Emo needs our support to ensure the viability of the AAA. I have little idea of the numbers he requires to ensure the race's future, nor do I know the current number of entrants. Of what I am certain is that if he doesn't attract satisfactory numbers, not only will the race perish, but no other RD will even look at staging a similar tri for the next few decades...........and so we go back to a sport of anodyne, bland and predictable courses. If you are thinking of the event (this year or maybe next, if you just want to see how the first year goes), just (WO)MAN UP AND ENTER! Yes, it will be tough. Like me, you might not be race fit. If the weather is harsh it will be like nothing we've seen in triathlon. But that's the point. This may be our only opportunity in our tri careers to do this. The thrill of racing in a remarkably challenging environment, completing a monumental event and potentially pioneering a fresh chapter in age group tri in Australia; what's not to get excited about? Given my fitness, it definitely won't be my greatest triathlon, but it's sure to be among one of the greatest days I've had doing triathlon. Emo, thanks in advance.
  4. sammo

    TriFiji 2015

    Planning a holiday to Fiji next year and it looks like our dates coincide with te TriFiji race. Just after feedback from those who have raced it. Is it best to take the roadie or TT bike, based on road conditions etc. We cant afford to stay at the associated Sheraton, but our resort has hire cars available for race day. Any info is really appreciated.
  5. From facebook: The team from Elite Energy are very X-cited to announce that they will be producing the Xterra World Asia-Pacific Championships on 18/19 April 2015 at Callala Beach. So dust off the mountain bike (or find a friends), grow your leg hairs and save this date for a fun filled weekend of off road triathlon in some of the most picturesque locations in Australia, with events for all ages and abilities.
  6. Anyone heading to the Elite Energy races at Huskisson this weekend? My first Olympic Distance since 2011, so will be an interesting hit-out to see if I've improved over that distance - being 20Kg lighter should help!
  7. FROM FACEBOOK. Elite Energy On 19th October 2013.....get set for the inaugural Sydney Olympic Park Duathlon! Enjoy closed roads and an exciting and speedy bike course, in this unique and word famous sporting city of Sydney Olympic Park. Sydney Olympic Park Duathlon Enticer Run Bike Run 2km 10km 1km Sydney Olympic Park Duathlon Sprint Run Bike Run 5km 20km 2.5km All athletes will receive complimentary pass (included in the entry fee) into the Sydney Bike and Lifestyle Show. This weekend's cycling emporium will feature the latest and greatest in all things cycling, multisport & active healthy lifestyles. Go to eliteenergy.com.au to enter and for all of the info.....
  8. Rog

    Wollongong Sprint

    Hi all, Just looking at my race calendar for the next couple of months and thinking about doing the Wollongong sprint on the 11th of March. Not sure if this is a new race but in any case has anyone done it before? I couldn't find any details re: bike & run legs on the Elite Energy website. http://eliteenergy.com.au/wgong/sprint_course.html Cheers, Rog
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