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Year of first Tri race?

Found 7 results

  1. It's that time of year again. The Tour de France gets underway this weekend, and the final make-up of the sport's leading team is still to be decided in the courts. The same rules apply to previous years, and Grand Tours. Pick your 9 riders (not sure why it's still nine, seeing as UCI has reduced the team numbers to 8 in the GT's now). Due to the ongoing controversy around Froome, they have created an "auto-replacement feature" this year, which will automatically slot the next best applicable rider into the slot of anyone not starting the race. You can however go in and make changes yourself up until race cut-off time on Saturday. Just go to this site https://www.velogames.com/tour-de-france/2018/ and pick your team. Then join the Transitions mini-league, 250783411. If you are after any information to try to pick a good team (never worked for me in the past), you will find a lot here. http://www.steephill.tv/tour-de-france/ Good luck everybody, and have fun.
  2. I've been rubbishing tennis for ages as it's obviously rife with drugs and finally they decide to get someone..... http://www.smh.com.au/sport/tennis/maria-sharapova-reveals-positive-drug-test-at-australian-open-20160307-gnd0cu.html
  3. Does anyone know who this athlete may be: http://firstoffthebike.com/news/blog/the-crank-105/ 2. We have heard whispers of a positive A sample returned by an Australian professional this week. While we won’t name names just yet we contacted ASADA and TA. ASADA did respond with “ASADA cannot confirm or deny the possible existence of any investigation as to do so may prejudice any investigation or subsequent legal proceedings, or unfairly affect the commercial or personal reputation of an organisation or individual.” TA refused to comment. There will be more to this in the coming days. Can DM me so we don't give Roxi a heart attack by saying someones name Cheers
  4. http://www.iaaf.org/news/press-release/positive-retests-helsinki-2005-osaka-2007 Despite most being retired, still interested to see if there are any big names.
  5. On the subject of, predominantly, doping allegations, in consultation with the Moderators we have agreed on the following: Following on from some recent issues and knowing full well that whatever we choose to do will be criticised by some sectors. The choices as I see them are: Allow everything: to be fair and equitable this would leave nothing or no one out of bounds. This becomes unworkable for me as the site owner and for the moderators. Continue as we are: this also seems to be unworkable as those with a bias, see the way we try and moderate to be always to the detriment of their opinion and this then leads to ongoing sniping, friction and retributions. Allow nothing: while this is not how I would like it to be it seems like this is the only solution that can work. So from now on if you want to cast aspersions on an athlete's performance, character, possible drug use etc. then please do it elsewhere. This applies to comments that are direct, insinuations or even sly asides or attempts to lead others into such a discussion. i.e there is a big difference between an honest question like "X athlete has done three Ironman's in 6 weeks with reasonable results I'd love to know how they manage workload and recovery" and "X athlete has done three Ironman's in 6 weeks with reasonable results, Hmmmm , I wonder how they manage that" So if it is not already in the verified media, then don't put it here. Even then topics about such issues should not vary from the athlete mentioned to include those not currently under suspicion. The other reason behind this is that if we want to be taken somewhat seriously and have people engage with us who could bring a lot of useful helpful information to the forum, then we can't be such a hostile environment for folks like coaches of elite athletes etc. As for enforcement, in the early stages we will try an simply delete any questionable posts or content as we see fit and if time permits give the poster "advice" on the situation. If we can't get our collective heads around this then we will move to a one warning and then suspension. In short If you are trying to cause trouble, DON'T. If you are trying to be sly or clever, DON'T. If you think your post is questionable or can be taken two ways, then clarify it or reword it before posting. These guidelines may be extended to include other issues if needed but I hope we don't have to. Cheers Roxii
  6. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/david-koch-criticises-channel-seven-for-paying-for-schapelle-corby-interview-20140211-32dkr.html I am not a Kochie fan, but well said on this occasion.
  7. I never used to bother with them as I never thought it was worth putting a pair of shoes on for just 30 minutes, but I am starting to think differently. As long as you get your regular long easy (time on your feet) run in, I'm thinking more shorter runs is easier on the mind and body. Still get the distance done for the week but it is done at a higher quality. What do others think?
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