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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. Who else is doing this? Will be my first draft legal triathlon. I'm thinking best to try work together in groups of 2 or 3 (in your own AG/wave) --- not sure how that will happen -- but going to try
  2. Anyone heading to this? I signed-up with 40 mins to go before it closed - last minute choice. It's draft legal and having never tried that before, nor even been in a bike race, thought I'd have a crack. Any advice on racing a draft legal bike leg gratefully received.
  3. Quick background. My roadie is 7 years old and I've started looking at new bikes online and in my lbs. Suddenly I don't feel like riding anymore and I don't know why? Of course the answer is I need a new bike. Also I'm thinking about going to Mexico next Sep/Oct for the ITU worlds and doing both the sprint and OD races. As I understand it the sprint will be draft legal and since I'd only take 1 bike it'd have to be my new roadie right? So after that longwinded explanation the question is What do I need to consider when looking at a new roadie that will be legal for DL races, will any roadie do? And what about if I wanted to race it in an OD race it'll need to be easily changed so I can wack some TT bars on it, move the seat up and forward etc. And what about wheels, are there any rules about what's legal with race wheels in a DL race? Lastly I've looked at some Specialized so far that look awesome. The Venge and the Tarmac, are they good options?
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