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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to anyones thoughts of how to deal with all the Dodgy Real Estate agents out there. Mrs C and I are in the market to buy a family home but there is sooooooooooooo much bull$hit to go through dealing with the pack of lies the agents feed you at open houses/ inpections. EG, Question: are the vendors willing to sell before the auction Answer: of course for the right price. I put in an offer, never hear from the agent, then I hear it sold for 10K less than I offered. Anyway feel free to impart any bits of wisdom you have on me! Cheers Guys and Happy Easter.
  2. Having had to head into a cop shop recently after an extremely close call, thought I'd put up what I'd encountered so others can have the best possible outcome, and would love to hear what other people have experienced or other suggestions. Definitely not saying embellish a story or anything of the sort, but no point making a legitimate thing harder than it should be. 1) Go to the police station most local to the offense. They'll be more familiar with the roads and they'll be more expecting these sort of things. Its their turf, the offending driver is more likely to be from that part of the world too, and if you go somewhere else, the cops at the alternative station look at you a bit funny and ask you why you're bringing it to them. 2) Go on the same day. Seems sensible now, but after a near crash situation we just wanted to get home and deal with it after calming down. Suck it up, deal with it while everything is fresh. Means the driver has it fresh in their mind too and can't get away so much with "Oh I've forgotten the details, but I'm sure I was in the right..." 3) Where possible, make mention of how fast you were going and how far you've been that day. It is more defensible to be mixing with cars if they know that you're doing 35km/h rather than 20 (especially if there is a pedestrian type bike path off the road), and it looks better overall if you can mention that you've done 40-60-80-however many km that day and had no other problems except with one clown. 4) Have a clear description in your head of the event. Road around you at that time, where other traffic was, how long they were leaning on the horn for, what lane you were in and where in that lane, one-up or two-abreast, etc. Rego, car description, name if you can get it from them, passengers in the car and a description of their behaviour / response to the event too if possible.
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