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Year of first Tri race?

Found 3 results

  1. There have been a lot of threads on here regarding the optimal weekly volume that leads to improvement (or moving to MOP/FOP). The actual number doesn’t matter to this discussion but I am more interested in how the volume is spread over a week. For example, if the magic number is 15km per week, is it best to do 3 x 5km, 5 x3km, or (6x2km, 1x3km)? (presumably 7x 5km would be best but anyway…) I guess it depends on your race distance/goals as doing 2km per session may not be great for IM? But then all the ITU swimmers seem to do 5-6km sets so… I live less than 200m from a 50m pool but even with that I would find it impossible to swim more than 4 times (maximum) given their opening/squad times, family and work commitments. So 3x5km is probably not enough to get the ‘feel for the water’ but 6x2km may not build up enough swim strength… Thoughts?
  2. Bored@work

    Picking races

    Been thinking about this for awhile & seeing some of the threads lately. - life is precious - hate thread - training plans - Who is racing Roth - Triathlon & relationships Do these factors influence ppl's decisions to enter races. I used to enter Busso every year just trying to get a PB on a flat / fast course. Busso is a great location but after the first 2 trips over the wife was not that excited. Now I try to enter as many different races as possible. It really helps with the training / family life balance. My wife & daughter often pick a location & then start looking for races for me to enter. My wife loves searching the internet for cheap airfares, hotels, places to see etc it gives her something to focus on when I'm out training. I'm happy to sacrifice training / results etc to keep a balanced life. What do others do to keep the family / tri balance in check? I'm trying to start a poitive thread
  3. I just joined a master swimming club a couple of weeks ago and they've had their "special" end of year session today. I thought I'd turn up and see how much of it I could get done. Started with the medium lane up to set 5, then the wheels started to fall off but still managed to hang on and called it a day after set #7 (7km), the furthest I have ever swam in one go. We all started at the same time, the guys on the fast lane were doing butterfly form on set #7 and were over 1km ahead of us Goal for next year is to get the whole set done and try to hang on with the fast guys. What about you, what's the furthest you have ever swam?
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