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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. hippityhoppity

    Race Wheels for sale

    Hi folks have some race wheels for sale at present only available for pickup in Perth WA Happy to knock some $$$ off for Transitions member on the ebay stated prices - links are so people can see photos and read details Drop me a PM via forum board if you ened/want more details Zipp FireCrest 606 Tubular Wheelset (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers) Enve Powertap 6.7 Wheelset (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers) Zipp Disc / 808 combo (complete with tyres/cassette/skewers)
  2. lobsha

    Lower Back Injury

    About 2.5 weeks ago I was doing a big spring clean of the house. Long story short I went to lift the bed to put some storage away and I strained my lower back. It was sore straight after but not too bad. Then as the night wore on I could not move. The whole next day I couldn't move. Now, with the help of panadol (as instructed by physio), I am still in bad pain. She said it sounds like a bulged disc - but my other physio friend said its not a bulged disc? I've been given exercises to do and stretches, but nothing seems to be relieveing the twinging pain. Anyone know whats going on? How long's recovery time? When the right time is to get an MRI is? Will acupuncture / massage make a difference? Cheers.
  3. Have decided not to do the Cairns IM, as training buddy suffered medical crisis, so my lightly used P3 is for sale. It is in smicky condiiton, un-marked, has been used on the road a little and on a Kurt Kinetic trainer a bit. No crashes or other incidents. Bog stock frame, Ultegra running gear, comes with a Pro-Lite Padova tubular disc fitted with a Vittoria race tyre, which has about 50km it, Total new cost was $5000, selling for $3500. Included is the rear Easton training wheel. I can e-mail pics, trying to upload them onto photobucket to post on here is an epic fail at present. The new PB is nothing if not buggy.
  4. Arpit

    Running with a Herniated Disc

    Hi, My missus had a herniated disc a few years back and after 18 months of rigorous rehab she got it all under control. She was told to swim a lot to help keep the back mobilized and also with stretching. Her doctors advised her not to run at all as the constant jarring due to running is not good at all for her situation. Recently (around 4-5 months ) back she started running again as swimming and cycling was not cutting the mustard. she enjoys it immensely and has been slowly making some good progress. But due to the competitive nature she also has a tendency to test the limits a bit too often. Anyways - last week or so her back has been getting sore and sore and eventually yesterday it started getting real bad again with spasms and disc bulging again. So now she is not a happy jan as the hopes of getting completely over her situation are dashed now. She will start swimming again - she knows not swimming was not the best thing to do and she will go back to that. the doctors have advised against running but I understand that their job is to make the patient pain free - however that happens. I'm wondering if other people here have had this situation and how they managed it to be able to run. She loves to run and would be quite distraught if this is the end. Willing to consider all options. Not many sports doctors here in newcastle that we know of so if sydney or other cities have some experts to advise on this - we will be keen to hear that. Also I was curious to understand about high cushioning shoes (hoka one one ??) - will they be beneficial in this situation if essentially the bulging of the disc is caused by jarring - if something reduces the jarring it will help with this situation. Thanks for any info Arpit