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Found 2 results

  1. For those that have a disc wheel, and those that have chosen to shun the disc, what are the pros and cons of using one in an ironman How much time value is placed on use of a disc? What if it is very windy, best to leave the disc at home? Do you need to practice on it, or is handling pretty much the same? I have used Zipp 808 rear, but now have FFwd 65mm. I have only ever used clinchers. Flat tyres are my greatest fear, previously having had 5 flats in a single race, Challenge Wanaka. What is the risk of a flatting with tubulars? Would a bit of Pittstop generally have you back on your way without drama? Changing the tyre notoriously having driven grown men (of German origin) to tears For the risk averse, would I be better sticking with clinchers? I am looking at possible purchase of a 2012 Zipp 900 disc. Rarely used, $900. Next race is ironman Melbourne. Should I do it, or forget it?
  2. Hi guys, I bought a HED disc wheel a while ago but only now got around to trying to put it on and maybe use it at Kurnell tomorrow. One problem I found is that the rear derailleur seems to be pretty close to the disc, in fact I had to do a minor tune (Di2) to prevent it from rubbing. I've also tried a 11-21 cassette and with that one I could not avoid the rubbing. Spacer is installed as per normal so not sure what else I need to look at so was hoping someone could help? Here's a photo of the current setup. Is this too close for comfort? [edit] Forgot to say it's only this close when in small chain ring / lowest gear on the back.
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