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Found 1 result

  1. Gundy

    The Sharemarket Thread

    I've got a few shares. In super (obviously) as well as a few in my own name. Over the years I've had some spectacular wins and some impressive disasters to balance out the ledger. Overall I've gone ok. Keen to get some talk going with others that are active in owning shares and trading a few occasionally. I've tried a couple of share forums but find that the wanker triathletes on here are more likeable than the knobs on there I'm very nervous at the moment that the market is due for a fairly large correction because of all the media talk about impending doom and market crashes. But I've been like that for a while now as evidenced by the fact I've had a little bit of cash available but haven't been able to place it anywhere because everything looks overvalued. Couple of recent hits and misses OFX - I bought these after I used OFX myself for some international cash payments and realised how good their service/product is to use instead of a bank. Unfortunately I bought them at $1.64 vs today's price of $1.45. Still think there's potential on this one. SUN - I bought Suncorp last year at $13 share because of the yield. Sold them in Nov at $14 and have now bought them again today at $12.85. Always get a bit nervous about cyclones in Far Nth Qld at this time of year with SUN but the yield is v attractive. WGN - Wagners are a construction mob in Toowoomba who recently built an airport. Bit of speccy purchase just because I liked their balls to just go out and build an airport. Only bought a small parcel because infrastructure companies can do it tough in a downturn.