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Year of first Tri race?

Found 7 results

  1. ironpo

    Changing srm crank arms

    Hi has anyone changed crank arms on thier srm , and also f so did it have to go back to srm for new slope and calibration? thanks ivp
  2. Anyone ever done this? http://melbournemarathon.com.au/events/exclusive-vir-package/ i figure someone special like me deserves something like this. I like the toilet option
  3. TUv5.0

    Late cancellation accom Kona

    So Ive done the ring around, put feelers out etc etc. As you may recall I was intending to take my son however his **** of a mother put the kybosh on that resulting in me having to take her back to court, successfully circumventing his first overseas trip, as a result of that I threw the towel in and couldn't be bothered. Have had a recent setback in the past few weeks and am on some strong drugs for my ticker and cant do much so just thought ah **** it, I might go. So if anyone knows of a bed and a shower within a say one mile radius of the pier let me know. Thanks.
  4. Lostkiwi

    Chain reaction coupon?

    Anyone know of any discount codes for chain reaction? Thanks!
  5. So Im sick of my white P3..... white is so not me. I see a company in Qld does a repaint with logos etc... I just want mine black with the Cervelo logo etc. Anyone know anyone? Thanks
  6. TUv5.0

    Beet it

    No im not talking about Michael Jacksons anniverysary... Anyone tried these? Or is it another massive wank like oxy shots and power balance bands. Im willing to at least look at this as the rationale behind it at least has some credibility in science. A victorian food company has got the rights to distribute so I emailed them.... and no response. Like bicarb seems to make some sense as a legal performance enhancer. Over to the 'experts'. I dunno shit.
  7. Can someone redirect me as to how to recalibrate my Garmin? Had a peak ten minutes of over 400 watts yesterday morning. While that is nice to read about, I know ah, um due to recent setbacks its not entirely accurate.. I know its here somewhere just cant find it. I think I just have to zero it off when coasting.