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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Prince

    nick kyriois

    so, do we excuse Kyryios because of his age? To me he is really embarassing us Aussies. I know he is young, but i don't know if Rafter (who was just a straight out ambassador and brilliant guy) or Newc, or earlier aussies acted like this at that age, as either can recall any of our women excepting docic acting that way. There are enough mentors around for him and i am sure telling him to pull his head in, he is making Tomic look like an angel. Except for Tomics spray against Tennis Australia. Gee i hope we don't give these guys money to support them. the worst of it to me is that he says, its just the pressure of the match etc,, but he then denies things in his press conference, 'no, i didn't think it was disrespectful saying what i did to the umpire', and no i didnt throw any points' etc. i don't want those guys playing Davis Cup at all till they prove their behaviour is my impression. They aren't bigger than the game, and we don't need them, we did it to the "poo' so i say get rid of them. The trouble is as soon as they start to have a few big wins, all is forgotten and we all jump on the bandwagon. any thoughts...
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