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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. A bit of a plug for the boys since, especially Josh, has been pretty Neogene and honest with the forum of late. There latest joint venture is their own coffee called SKULLDUGGERY COFFEE The website is a bit of fun, check it out here: https://www.skullduggerycoffee.com/ Im not a coffee drinker so cant comment on the coffee itself but good to see the boys doing something they enjoy outside the sport.
  2. So firstly thanks to Josh for popping by and giving us some useful and frank insights into his racing and pro racing in general. As he has said he is having his first crack at Ironman this year which I'm sure we will all be following with interest. He has put it out there recently that pros who don't show or don't finish are soft so I guess we can at least assume as start and finish from him but what time will he cross the line to lose his Ironman virginity. Take a stab at his time, and I will see if I can dig up some prizes for the closest guess. In the mean time check out Josh's website and blog and support the Pro's who support us. http://www.josh-amberger.com/#team-sponsors Gratuitous sponsor shot
  3. So again Im sure we all appreciate Josh's insightful, frank and honest input in to the forum both on matters racing and other stuff. Its only right that we all make sure to give him crazy fanatical support as he fronts up for his first Ironman. Frankly depending on his day and who else turns up he could win this and we could have ourselves a member as IM Aus champ. So what do we need to do so that he knows how much Tranny support is out there. Obviously if you are there you should be wearing your hat if you have one and yelling hysterically at Josh, as there may be times when he is having some dark moments and needs a friendly face to keep him moving, or to egg him on with a funny sledge. Should we give him a race day name How about Ironberger?? So who will be spectating and what should we do to make Josh's first Ironman a great day out??
  4. If you are into Podcasts, Bob Babbitt, Triathlon or our own hey_burgs (Josh Amberger) check out his interview with Bob Babbitt. Josh mentions that he is doing Port as his FIRST Ironman. We will try and keep taps on "burgs" on his lead up to Port and see if we cant get some sort of contest up and running. In the mean time make sure you check him out on the social media circles and "like" or "follow" him, the more interest we show in them the more they will show in us.
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