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Year of first Tri race?

Found 7 results

  1. Guest


    G'day all Been consistently training since August last year. Only missed 30 days in this time, longest consecutive period was 3 days in February '17. The thing that I've noticed is that I have plateaued in the pool and on the bike. Pool fitness is ok, doing what I need to, averaging 8km a week, aerobic strength focused. Maybe stroke correction coaching is the next step?? Bike is where I haven't really gotten any stronger/faster/fitter in the past 6 months. Once again, aerobic strength focus, long periods in the aero position etc. But I am not getting any faster. I ride as much as possible which is around 4-8hrs cycling a week. Not much by IP standards but on the weeks I have my daughter, I can only do so much. So "long" rides are fortnightly. I've been using Trainer Road but I think it is detrimental to my progress as my power measurement is way inaccurate(virtual power) and I don't feel like I am getting stronger like I was when I was riding by feel, and my long ride HR/Speeds confirm this. I consolted a friend who suggested strength intervals and more riding which made perfect sense. So I am looking for experiences with plateaus in fitness and how you got through it and went up a level. I have between 10-17hrs of available training time. 10 when I have my daughter, 17 when I don't. I work Mon-Fri and no weekends. Cheers
  2. Hi Trannies. I’m a relative newbie on the forum and have been following a number of discussions with interest. I tried to find an existing thread which answered my queries, but couldn’t exactly get what I’m after. Apologies if there is one and it slipped by my searching! Scenario So I’m hoping for some more experienced advice for an upcoming race. I’m planning ahead for my third 70.3 at the Sunny Coast in 2017 and trying to figure out a plan of attack. In this event my A goal is sub 5 hours and B goal is as close to 5 as possible. I’ve raced at this event previously in a time of 5:17 (~38 min swim, ~2:35 bike, ~1:58 run + transitions etc). For this I trained 6 days a week on a beginner program, cut all alcohol and dropped 10kg. Sessions were roughly: Ride 4 times per week, swim twice a week and run 2-3 times a week. I did this for about 6 months. I’d imagine I’d do something similar again, however this is complicated by the fact that I have eardrum surgery mid-April which will mean probably no swimming for up to two months. Current regime Not exactly fit, but just did Tweed Coast Enduro (in a terrible time, but completed nonetheless). Annoyingly overweight due to fondness for beer but will remove from diet starting April. Already ride two-three times a week with one windtrainer coached session – around 150-200k weekly. Swim – once a week (will increase to twice a week and training with a squad). Run – run about 15-20km a week but unfocused – mostly tempo speed running. Realise I will have to change my schedule drastically to get ready for Sunny Coast. Questions My questions are (given the above scenario and regime) What is generally considered the ideal training program in terms of duration leading up to a 70.3? (eg. 8 weeks, 12 weeks) I’m probably going to get a plan (either something off training peaks [Matt Fitzgerald?] though Sansego.com plans look interesting). Something like a beginner progressing to intermediate plan. Has anyone had personal experience with a plans that works considering my goals and my current regime? (Would love a coach, but $$$ can’t stretch as I’m looking to buy a new TT bike). Am I better to continue doing consistent but not exactly focused training until late June with an aim on dropping weight and getting fit before progressing into dedicated training? Any expert advice appreciated!
  3. G'day I may need to post a carbon wheelset, soft wheelbag & few tyres from Tassie to Sydney. Never done it before. Looking for advice on cost, packaging, couriers etc? Help!! Cheers HL
  4. Any experienced individuals want to lend some advice... how much recovery time would you want between a marathon and an IM?
  5. Currently working on getting a bit of a home gym set up and next on my list of equipment is a rowing machine. Anyone got advice on what to look for, what to stay away from, poor quality brands, good quality brands etc? Are the ones with the water as resistance better than other types?
  6. Bored@work

    Track bikes

    Looking to ride the local track on Wednesday nights (endro training) & Friday nights (come & try) Looking at a Fuji or Hillbrick bike not in a huge rush. Any advice?
  7. Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on running/swimming on Magnetic Island I have 4 days there from Anzac Day and am staying at Horseshoe Bay. I am looking to do a couple of runs up to about 10-12k (preferably flat) and some open water swimming. Does anyone have some knowledge on good runs around that area? With the swimming not sure about water temp and if there any stingers? I am doing Busso 70.3 the week after so wouldn't mind getting some practice in the wettie but don't want to cook! Any advice appreciated. Cheers
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