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Year of first Tri race?

Found 29 results

  1. Hi all, just a bump for the new site layout. I know you cant please everyone but I reckon it looks pretty flash. Also have a look at what we have coming up on test in the next few weeks hopefully with more to come. Thank you all for all the support so far, the response for both the forum and webpage had been very encouraging, I really appreciate the help and support. Punters seem to appreciate reviews written by their peers without any bias and I find the more people I talk to in the industry they are starting to see the value of "our" type of reviews and interaction. We may not be no.1 yet but considering we are really only 6 months in, I'm sure given time we will give it a shake. Latest news http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=156 New home page http://transitions.org.au/index.php
  2. We take some new Maxym clothing for a test ride. Check out the article for our opinion and also a great discount currently running. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=214
  3. Nath was asking some questions about Altra shoes at the same time as we were offered a pair to test. What better way to get an opinion than to put one and one together and get a 3Sum. (OK no more 3Sum jokes I promise) http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=244
  4. OK so until I figure out a way to get rid of some of the gear I have accumulated how about a contest. Ruley (Anthony Rule) is going to be doing a bit of writing for us soon and the premise is So we need a cool/ catchy/ corny name for the segment. I will put together a package of stuff to get to the winner. (Incl stuff from PRO, and Fusion) So have a stab at it and then hit the LIKE on the ones you like the most and we will see how we go.
  5. When Shimano kitted me out with the D-Fly to "see my gears" they also gave me a Scio ANT+ computer to use in conjunction with it. Here is the review of PRO's step into a very competitive sector. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=209
  6. Dare2Tri wanted someone to get into their pants, so I obliged. Here are my views: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=288 Check out Bill's videos on facebook https://www.facebook.com/dare2triAUS?ref=ts&fref=ts I think he may have cracked but seriously they have a been a great supporter of Transitions getting us heaps of product to review and putting their product where Bills mouth is and even taking note and acting on some of our feedback so if you are in the area get in there and get some bargains.
  7. Spartan took the Dare2Tri Koan suit racing. Read his review here. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=239
  8. Our next Pro-File is with Alex Reithmeier. Learn a bit more about him here, and if you are in Busso for the 70.3 cheer him on or say Hi! Check our interview here: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=233
  9. You may have noticed Michael Fox and Alex Reithmeier posting on here occasionally. I have caught up with them to do a bit of a intro-bio to get the ball rolling and hopefully they will be doing some more stuff for the forum and website in the near future. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=229
  10. roxii

    3D Bike Fit Review

    Last week I took a trip out to Penrith to run through the Retul fit process with Ryan from 3D Bike Fit. Check out my review and a special Tranny offer here. http://www.transitions.org.au/index.php
  11. The pro start list is out now ...... and Lachie is on it. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=230
  12. Our next coaching Q and A is with Ward Coaching Have a read here: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=223
  13. So a year has passed since I posted our first article on the Transitions website. For those that haven't visited it is http://www.transitions.org.au/index.php Thanks to all who have visited the site and supported what we are trying to do. I hope you find it useful, entertaining and worthwhile. Personally I have found it equal parts challenging and rewarding. I'd like to especially thank TenPints for all the tech support (ie doing everything) without him I doubt the site would be where it is at all. Thanks also to those that have contributed by means of race reports and also reviews, again I hope being involved in the review process has been good for those that have been involved so far and hopefully we will be able to get more product and get more people involved. The "peer reviews" seem to be a concept that works well and gains more traction than trust than standard reviews something that is being recognised by those who are providing the products for review. Thanks to the suppliers who have trusted me and us with their product and can see that we are a big and growing audience. Again though, most importantly thanks to all you guys for tuning in and being part of it. Our numbers are pretty good, probably exceeded my expectations for our first year, but in saying that I'm not sure what the other guys get. Im not sure where we fit in to the Triathlon media as a whole, to be honest I try not to focus on what others are doing and look for things I think are interesting or worth reading, you guys are probably a better judge of where we fit in the tri website landscape and tri media in general. Feel free to give me your thoughts. Im always keen to hear feedback, or stories and story ideas, what parts of the site you think are working and what parts you think aren't. Again thanks and heres to another year, I told the Ms Id give it two years in which time it needed to be at least paying for itself and maybe making a few $$ so Id better get my finger out. Cheers and thanks again.
  14. Lachie's Ironman Melbourne race report is up online now for those that want to have a read. Good on him for having a go, toughing it out and being honest in his post race appraisal. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=220
  15. Well here it is. TrinewB's review of the new Cranktip pedals. TrinewB has done a pretty good job of doing an "everyman" test, so lets not debate the testing protocol but appreciate the lengths he has gone to to give us some honest, real feedback. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=199 Thanks Nour.
  16. If you are in Qld and staying out of the rain, or in Huski bedding down for an early start here is a great read from PB3 coach Chris Hanrahan. Enjoy, its a ripper on so many levels. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=179
  17. Bored@Work organised a few test samples for Sufferfest. One taker was Peter who has given us his feedback here. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=187
  18. Hi all, Have just put Lachies answers to our questions up on the website. I'm sure we all wish him well and will be cheering for him come race day. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=182
  19. At Huski on the weekend a few members and lurkers came up and gave me some very encouraging feedback on the site. Just like to say thanks, I really appreciate it and all feedback is welcome. It constantly mazes me how many people who aren't members "know what is going on here" Also one of the young pros who was on the podium yesterday told me he has a look in here occasionally and Im trying to find ways to get these young blokes more engaged with us to give us some good insight into the racing scene and also give them a chance to get themselves and their sponsors out there. Any suggestions on that would be great.
  20. Hey guys, for the night time crowd. I have a Dare2Tri Kona suit in large , its not on the Aussie site yet. http://www.dare2tri.eu/trigear/dare2tri-mens-kona-tri-suit-frontzip.html Anyone in the market for a trisuit, or thinking of swapping brands want to take this baby for a spin with a view to writing a few words on it.
  21. Check out some of the new seasons gear from Dare2Tri. They promise Great gear at great prices. http://transitions.org.au/index.php
  22. roxii

    New toys from PRO

    Got some goodies from PRO to play with and review. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=172 Expecting a delivery from Dare2Tri with new season gear as well.
  23. Hey guys had a Rocket Science Rocket Bag to play with for a few weeks and took it to Callala to race, check out my thoughts here; http://www.transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=135&p=3
  24. Hey guys MJK has done a coching Q and A for us, great read and says lot about MJK and why he coaches like he does. http://transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=105&p=4 Also part 1 of my interview with young Local Pro Michael Murphy is online too, read about how and why he is targeting Asia as his base for the next few years. http://transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=104&p=10 Happy Reading. Dont forget to like the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Transitions-Triathlon/675452552536758?pnref=lhc.recent
  25. Hey guys our interview with SPOT is up online now. http://www.transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=74&p=10 Its a great read, has a bit of everything. Best not to read it though while eating lunch you may snort some stuff out your nose, especially on the last question, I nearly shot hot tea out my beak. Other website stuff: I have also got permission off ITU and Challenge (waiting on official word from Ironman) to use their news feed for Transitions, it wont be a staple of the site but will keep things moving between the exclusive content. So if you normally go to other sites to get that sot of news, now you can go to Transitions to get it. Feel free to give me feedback on the site, or story recommendation, race reports or your own stuff if you have something you would like published and visible to an audience.
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