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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, I'm not a Race Director, but this seems to be a very much under-utilised part of this site. So it got me thinking... What about a Race Calendar that shows the Swims, Rides, Runs & Tri's that Transitions Members are planning to do. A calendar which shows any upcoming events that might interest people on this site could be a great motivator, it will help support Race Directors who support this site and will assist the totally disorganised ones amongst us (like myself) work out what I'm doing for the rest of the year. It may also be particularly useful for those who enjoy catching up with others from this site and treat the events more as a social activity than just another race. Here's a couple just to get started. 04 Feb 2017 - AAA Alpine Ascent - Jindabyne (3/124/28) Surfer101, Cape_Horn, Clappers, IP? 04 Feb 2017 - TriKozzie (1.5/50/9) GregB http://www.eliteenergy.com.au/event/australian-alpine-ascent/ 05 Feb 2017 - Hell Of The West - Goondiwindi (2/80/20) Cranky, AP Kids Race & Clydesdale Categories http://www.hellofthewest.com/ 17-19 Feb - Huski Tri Festival (Various) GregB, Miss Jess, http://www.eliteener...thlon-festival/ 25 Feb 2017 - Rottnest Channel Swim - Perth (20km) MackaEvo2 Requires Planning! - http://rottnestchannelswim.com.au/ 11 Mar 2017 - Hills Triathlon Club (Sprint) Miss Jess http://www.active.co...-start-5pm-2017 18 Mar 2017 - Tri NSW Club Champs (?) GregB http://www.triathlon...s/NSWEvents.htm 1-2 Apr 2017 - Elite Energy Forbes (Oly) Miss Jess http://www.eliteener...thlon-festival/ 17 Mar 2017 - Hills Triathlon Club (Enduro format) Miss Jess (I will get a link up when we publish which will be March) 07 May 2017 - Port Macquarie Ironman (3.8/180/42) http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/australia.aspx#axzz4U1HczjPU 03 Jun 2017 - Hawaii IM 70.3 (1.9/90/21) Suburban Kid, Nuked, Wombattri, Clintred http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman-70.3/hawaii.aspx#/axzz4U1HczjPU 11 Jun 2017 - Cairns Ironman (3.8/180/42) http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/cairns.aspx#axzz4U1HczjPU 03 Aug 2017 - City To Surf - Sydney Run (14km) Flanman, Ten Pints, Clappers, RBR, Go Easy The usual suspects - âTrannies get-together 2017 http://city2surf.com.au/ 17 Sep 2017 - Sydney Running Festival (Half Mara) Miss Jess http://www.sydneyrun...estival.com.au/ 05 Nov 2017 - Noosa Triathlon & Multisport (1.5/40/10) http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/multisports/noosa.aspx#axzz4U1HczjPU 03 Dec 2017 - Busselton Ironman (3.8/180/42) http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/western-australia.aspx#axzz4U1HczjPU I'm happy to add stuff here (I'm pretty useless with this stuff but the Mods may be able to help) or perhaps one of you Excel Spreadsheet gurus can come up with something simple that people can add to at will. I don't mind, it's up to you guys, but if you think it's a goer then fire away with some events and we'll see how we go.
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