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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. Tomorrow night, the last of this year's Grand Tours starts. With the Olympics still in full swing, this one has crept up on us quietly, but come Saturday, all thoughts of a drug free sporting event will once again go out the window as the pro-peleton moves to the home country of Dr Fuentes. Competition Details - Website - http://www.velogames.com/ Register, then select a team of 9 riders with a maximum of 100 points. Then join the mini-league below. League Details League Name: Transitions League Code: 311723245611 For those, like myself, who are a little out of touch with who's on fire at the moment, and who's just going to stroll around Spain on a site-seeing tour, there are a few links to various review at the following page. http://www.steephill.tv/vuelta-a-espana/ So good luck all, and happy tipping.
  2. Here we go again. Another 4 weeks of walking around like a zombie after sleepless nights as the Tour de France starts this Saturday. Hurry up and get your entries into the Trannies tipping contest. Usual rules apply. Nine riders, 100 points. Most points at the end of the tour wins. All others get ribbed and ridiculed all the way through (including me if it's anything like last year). Details for entry are here: Site - http://www.velogames.com/ League Name: Transitions League Code: 652021551011 This thread can also work as the TDF preview & discussion thread. For those of you who remember the great posts TrevS used to make each year when the tour came round, we'll do the same thing here (TrevS, we'd love to see some input here). I'll post up a preview for Stage 1 by Friday, but could we have some volunteers for some more stages. Over to the rest of you now.
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