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Found 3 results

  1. Dolphy

    Help with devices

    Hey guys, As I have entered Port Mac for next year, I thought I should start getting back into some training with devices. I haven't used a HR monitor for years, and I haven't really kept up with the technology. At Reddog we do a few WT sessions where we concentrate on HR and Cadence. Of which - I can't track either! I've been using perceived effort for a long time now, but I just wonder how accurate my perceived effort is - as a 40 year old compared to when I was 30! I know the Garmin 910 is the ducks nuts of training devices, but it's so big and bulky and I have tiny wrists. So I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what other devices I could use to track my HR and my Cadence??? I would actually prefer something that doesn't require a strap across your chest - but I just don't think that technology has been developed yet! I currently have a Garmin Forerunner 10, which does not have any extra features I can purchase, and I have stock standard computer on my bike's. I also have an iPhone - someone was talking to me about the iBike app - but I've got now idea how that works! Thanks
  2. Hi all, So my nike watch has given up the ghost recently and I am after an everyday training watch. I have a Garmin 310xt so this watch will mainly be used as an everyday watch and some training that I don't use the Garmin for. I would really like to have laps and to look at them afterwards, waterproof is a must and also fairly solid (i.e can get knocked around.) I have looked at a few Timex watches but was after peoples opinions for any other brands. So fire away people, fire away. Cheers Alex
  3. I have the one combined unit that is attached to the non drive chainstay. Just installing this device and have paired it with Timex GT. I can see that it has paired OK and can see cadence working but speed not so. Do you have to be outside with satellite connection for the speed to work ? Cal
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