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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Here we go again. Another 4 weeks of walking around like a zombie after sleepless nights as the Tour de France starts this Saturday. Hurry up and get your entries into the Trannies tipping contest. Usual rules apply. Nine riders, 100 points. Most points at the end of the tour wins. All others get ribbed and ridiculed all the way through (including me if it's anything like last year). Details for entry are here: Site - http://www.velogames.com/ League Name: Transitions League Code: 652021551011 This thread can also work as the TDF preview & discussion thread. For those of you who remember the great posts TrevS used to make each year when the tour came round, we'll do the same thing here (TrevS, we'd love to see some input here). I'll post up a preview for Stage 1 by Friday, but could we have some volunteers for some more stages. Over to the rest of you now.
  2. OK, so 6W/kg for an hour is the ballpark figure you need to be capable of to be a Grand Tour contender. Given that so many of us have power meters now, I think it would be fun to realise how shite we are in comparison to GT cyclists. So, go look at your power data and out yourself on this list, writing down how long you can hold 6W/kg for BTW, put 'P' after your time if your data is from an actual power meter, 'S' if it's from Strava calculations and if you got it from somewhere else then write down where from. Riders Vincenzo Nibali: 1h Donncha: 1m 48s (P) (510W @ 85kg)
  3. The optimist in me thinks that cycling may finally be winning the war on PED's . The pessimist thinks that the cyclists are getting better at hiding their drug use . The following is from the West Australian newspaper. http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/sport/a/-/other/18586890/no-doping-cases-from-tour-de-france/ No riders tested positive for doping at the Tour de France, the International Cycling Union said on Tuesday, after the complete analysis of 622 samples. The testing program included 113 urine samples tested for EPO and 15 for steroids. In blood analysis, 22 samples were tested for EPO-like substances, 18 for human growth hormone and two for transfusions. "We don't have any adverse finding from the Tour de France," Francesca Rossi, director of the UCI-appointed Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF), told reporters at a briefing. The testing included 203 samples taken from riders in training and 419 during the three-week race, which was won by Chris Froome of Britain. A total of 443 blood samples and 179 urine samples were taken in a program jointly run by the UCI and the French anti-doping agency (AFLD). Most blood samples were used for comparisons to the biological passport system, which charts the blood levels of riders. The total samples of 622 rose from 566 for the 2012 Tour at which only Frank Schleck of Luxembourg tested positive for a banned diuretic. Tour riders who used banned drugs or doping methods could yet be identified because stored samples can be analysed again in the future using new or improved testing techniques. Rossi said the foundation could re-test when the World Anti-Doping Agency certifies threshold limits for substances such as AICAR and growth hormones. She also expects steroid profiling to be added to the biological passport which the UCI has managed since 2008. Cycling's anti-doping program is an issue in the current UCI presidential election, with challenger Brian Cookson pledging to create an agency independent of the governing body. UCI President Pat McQuaid supports the existing structure to catch drug cheats. However, Rossi said the CADF is working to create an independent oversight board "starting work with us very soon." The UCI will continue to host the foundation and fund 15 per cent of its annual budget of 7 million Swiss francs ($A8.4 million). "In a technological world, location is less important than people. For me, independence is not an address," she said. Rossi acknowledged that the CADF has not secured a working agreement with the US Anti-Doping Agency, whose investigation exposed massive doping by Lance Armstrong's teams in a report published last October. "We will come back to them again and try to sign an agreement very soon," Rossi said.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm planning on heading over to the TDF next year. Ive been doing a lot of searches for tours, as I will probably be heading over alone. Has anyone used Mont and if so what was the experience. They have the tour that I am interested in. Pretty much two weeks in the alps and Pyranees finishing in Paris, covering all the big climbs. If anyone has any other companies that have been used and had a great experience that would be appreciated as well. Cheers
  5. I'm thinking about doing a TdF Tour. Any recomendation? Is anyone out there doing it this year? I think Pyrenees week would be pretty good! Anyone sharing experience from previous years?
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