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Year of first Tri race?

Found 20 results

  1. Hey all, I am super slack in getting this on here, but here are the upcoming dates for the Hills Triathlon Club race series. Registration opens as soon as one race ends, and closes at 9pm on the Wednesday before the race. Sunday, October 21 4pm (rego starts at 3pm) Saturday, November 17 3pm (rego starts at 2pm) Saturday, December 8 5pm (rego starts at 4pm) Sunday, January 13 8am (rego starts at 7am) Sunday, February 3 8am (rego starts at 7am) Saturday, April 6 8am (rego starts at 7am) Check it out! http://hillstriclub.com/tri-club-races-events/
  2. Sydney is a week away from the old blue line marathon.. who's in this year?? I'm start venue manager again so I guess I'll see you all fresh and ready to rock and roll! I"ll be the least like to look like a runner guy wearing around three radios!
  3. As I will be temporarily relocated to Melbourne from Europe (the Netherlands) from September to December, I am looking into entering the Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney. However, as I will only be bringing my road bike with me from Europe (and to safe me from the hassle of taking the bike with me on my flight), I am looking into renting a triathlon bike somewhere in Sydney. Is there anyone who can recommend me a place?
  4. 5 blokes from Goondiwindi have had a rush of blood and bought tickets to the NRL grandfinal in Sydney on Sunday. Accommodation appears to be a problem. Any suggestions?? Even if someone could narrow it down to which area we should be staying would be good.
  5. We have now been in Sydney 10 years we've always lived in the eastern suburbs since coming to Australia and have enjoyed it. But after a few very difficult years my wife ....and to a certain extent I, think we need a life change. Life has been pretty intense in the last few years. Originally we started looking at buying a home in the same area as our daughter is very loved and well looked after in her current school and everyone in the school is aware of her condition and story etc. However we are now changing our mind. We are thinking she may actually need a totally different style of schooling something like Montessori style as she struggles with noise in the classroom and in a big class like she is in now needs an extra teacher with her... funding for that will not be here forever. we also realised her attachment to school friends may not be as string as we think at 7 yrs old she seems to love her younger sister more than anyone else. In addition property in the eastern suburbs is simply overpriced. And unfortunately the people not the friendliest. You get that feeling everyone has this feeling of entitlement and self importance. it just oozes stress. I also feel my Mrs has had enough of the busy city she wants to move to the country side (back to England that is!!! ) not an option for my work so something more bushy here could work. Work wise my business is in Chatswood and I have realised that I spend over 10 hours every week commuting. granted I ride most days but its a shitty ride with lots of lights and traffic. I also hardly get to spend anytime with the kids in the week. So we started to look at options of moving to the northern suburbs of Sydney closer to work, better value for money property wise, more peaceful lifestyle and new school for the kids. What are peoples' experiences with northern suburbs? Which are the nice ones with a country / bush like feel? What we are looking for: country like feeling with access to trails and bush walks. (maybe horse riding) kids learning these days. hopefully an area there is reasonable access to cycling roads and MTB trails. Triathlon?? for me :-) quiet and friendly neighbourhood where people may actually smile at you when you walk passed them. I also want to be able to get to Chatswood for work easily and not spend half my time commuting. where we looked so far: we looked at areas bordering the national parklands like Forrestville which seemed nice but may be still a tad busy. Terry Hills seemed nice but quite a distance from Chatswood I am not yet sure about traffic. would be good to hear what peoples thoughts are. This would be a huge change for us but i feels it may be what the family needs. Since returning from OS (after 3 months away) everyone in the household seems a bit gloomy and fed up with what we are doing here and my Mrs appears itching for a big change.
  6. Hi there Up in Coogee for a weeks holiday. Brought the bike but no car. Want to do a few training rides, ideally looking to cover distances between 50km and 120km with as little stop start as possible (wishful thinking maybe!!). Really appreciate any tips and advice on where to go. Many thanks. J
  7. Good morning all! We wanted to reach out to the transition community and provide you with some information on the upcoming ATEC (Australian Triathlon Endurance and Cycling) EXPO being held in July 2015 in Sydney. Visit the web page - www.atecexpo.com.au/jh for all the details and signup to the newsletter for up to date information. If you own, operator or work for a company who is interested in Sponsorship or Exhibition Space contact the following individuals Exhibition Opportunities - Joshua Haywood (02) 9080 4055 or Joshua.Haywood@informa.com.au Sponsorship Opportunities - Vanessa Iacomino (02) 9080 4016 or Vanessa.Iacomino@informa.com.au Cheers! The ATEC TEAM www.atecexpo.com.au/jh
  8. Hi. Haven't entered an iron-distance race yet, but building up the long bike and therefore confidence with the aim of entering one. What are some long rides people to around Sydney? Looking for some new ideas. So far I've done - West Head / Akuna Bay loops - Loops of Olympic Park and Parramatta Park - Loftus to past Woolongong and train back, or not quite to Woolongong and return the same way - M7 bike path - Windsor Rd bike path then Old Windsor Road out to Richmond 40ish loops of Centennial Park doesn't sound appealing, is Anzac Parade out to La Parouse OK traffic wise, and do you get a good run without stopping at lights every couple of minutes? I typically ride alone, and not TOO early on the weekend, so I try to avoid non-cyclist friendly roads like Parramatta Road and Lane Cove Road. Any suggestions for other course? Thanks!
  9. I run/ride most days from the wilds of Lane Cove into the city, and am thinking of doing some swim training on the way to work. The three obvious options without too much of a detour are Lane Cove Olympic/Bluefit, North Sydney Olympic, and Boy Charlton. I've checked out the websites, prices etc, but curious to hear others' experiences at the facilities, quieter days/times to go etc. Work and life in general make getting to classes/squads too hard most weeks, so just looking to churn out a few laps 1-2 a week without being swamped by kids or serious insects. Not really a gym bunny, and would rather a 50+ metre pool than getting dizzy in a typical indoor gym pool. Probably asking way too much, but no harm asking. Thanks, Kanga
  10. Just a reminder that the Sun-Herald City to Surf is on in Sydney on Sunday 11th August 2013. Early entries close this coming Thursday 11th April 2013. ($65 if you pick up your gear, or $70 if they mail it out) http://www.city2surf.com.au/ You'll still be able to enter later, but keep in mind that certain groups fill up earlier than others. This is a great run regardless of your ability and well worth doing for the experience. Might see some of you there!
  11. Hi Triathletes, I am an 18 year old ex-swimmer, newbie triathlete, from Canada, and i am looking for a training partner (preferably female) that would like to train with me during the week. I live in Sydney in vaucluse (near rose bay and watsons bay) would be great if you want to either swim, run, or cycle. Let me know if you live close bay and are interested! Thanks
  12. Hi guys I am doing some aero testing on Tuesday with Alex and need one or two more helmets to test, I need one with tail as both mine are considered short tail lids. I can pick it up from metropolitan Sydney tomorrow and will return it on Tuesday latest Wednesday. I promise I am not a heavy sweater and it will be only a few laps :-) If you have one like a giro, bell, speed demon, or something I would really appreciate it.
  13. Hi everyone, I have just recently moved to Sydney (Potts Point to be precise) and I need your help on the following: My story: I am 31 that wants to start practicing triathlon. I am an average runner, I did some half marathons and marathons, but that's it. In terms of cycling I know just the basic. In terms of Swimming, that's definitely where I will struggle, I know how to swim, but... just, well, you understand. My short term goal: Be able to complete a small triathlon in 2013 and/or to improve my (lack of) skills in swim and cycle. My medium term goal: Half-Iron Man My long term goal: in 3 years time, to be able to complete the Iron Man. My schedule preference: I work mon-fri 8am to 5pm. I am available from then onwards. My problem: To find the most appropriate club near Potts Point or in Sydney that can help me to achieve these objectives. Yes, I know that it will be almost impossible and it will require lots of work. But I am committed and I just need a very good starting point. I have been searching on the internet and there are several websites with a list of all the triathlon clubs in Sydney. However I just need your honest opinion and experience on those clubs, since I have just recently moved to Sydney and I need some guidance. Thank you for your time! Manuel
  14. I have just had it with crap Internet since we moved we have vivid wireless what a crap connection that is. It's almost on par with 3G in fact many times that is what I do on my I pad just switch to 3G So now our 2 years is up am looking to change. Who is the best and fastest ? Based in sydney Cheers
  15. I am an 18 year old canadian girl, moving to sydney for at least a year. Just wondering if anyone knows some good tri clubs near vaucluse? Thanks
  16. kanga

    Bike fit in Sydney

    Any reccomendations for a road bike/aero bar fit in Sydney, preferably north side? Not uncomfortable on the bike, and have done 3 x 6-6:30 IM bike splits on this setup with modest training and a few kgs of real ale residue in the long range fuel tanks, but about time to get a first proper fit done before Port. Budget doesn't allow for a TT bike just yet ... Thanks Kanga
  17. Silent R

    Sports massage

    I'm looking for a good sports massage in Sydney, preferably in the Eastern suburbs. Any recommendations??
  18. I am up in Sydney this week and i brought along my bicycle so I would like to get out on the road for a few rides, can anybody give me a few suggestions for Bunch Rides in Sydney this week? Keen to hit the road any morning or evening this week, somewhere around the city or the north shore area. I was told by a mate that there is a Bunch Ride that does laps of Centennial Park every morning from about 5-5:30. Is this true??? and if so, can somebody give me the details (start and finish locations, plus sprint points if there are any, coffee locations post ride etc...) Thanks for the help
  19. Hoover

    Wetsuit Hire

    Trying to find wetsuit hire in Sydney but can't find anything. Any takers ?
  20. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good running clubs - either track or other on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I know there are Sydney Striders - they sound good - I've done a race with them before in Lane Cove. I have also done about 3 mths with Barry Golding (Manly Running Academy). But there arent too many triathletes - mainly kids surprisingly. I heard about one at the Sydney Institute of Sport )or whatever its called) on Wakehurst Pkwy. Anyone know when these guys run, and how much it is etc? Cheers
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