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Year of first Tri race?

Found 17 results

  1. Guest

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    OK How did we all go this year. Yes yes it's not over yet but ffs close enough for me. Swim - 396.98km Bike - 6979km Run - 1263km Happy with that. Although my small ocd has me wanting to round off those figures 🤣🤣👍
  2. Good morning to all the triathlete or future ones :). My name is Marco, I am new to the forum turning 47 in few months and I have a dream, finishing 5 Ironman in 5 continents by the age of 50. I do consider myself as an average normal guy but with a huge passion for triathlon. I will attend my first Ironman next year in Italy (Ironman Emilia-Romagna), anybody did it or is planning to do it? Other reason of this thread is to connect with triathlete that share the same passion and maybe have the chance to train with some of them. I am living in Krakow (Poland), so if you are in the area please drop a line and meet for some good training :).
  3. trinube

    Shire Swim

    I see Sally Fitzgibbons has started a foundation to encourage kids to get active. There's an ocean swim for November 5 at Cronulla (1k or 2k) supporting it . details here for anyone who might be interested. Apparently there will be some top surfers competing and they have Elite, Open, Age Group and BOP categories - no word yet on a Tranny wave but as Roxii's the king of the Shire we can expect an announcement shortly. If they get good conditions it could be a cracker of a day - it's my favourite swim on a nice day. Edit to add that entries for another Ocean swim - the Sydney Skinny - go on sale this Friday for those a little more 'open' in their open water swims - Sydney Skinny "The inaugural Shire Ocean Swim will support the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation, established to inspire the next generation of Aussie Kids to live active and healthy lives. One in four Aussie kids in Australia are overweight, or obese. It’s a bigger killer than smoking, and the costs to the economy will surpass $87.7 billion by 2025."
  4. A couple of posts recently got me to thinking about consistency across the 3 main components of a triathlon. It's no good being the fastest swimmer & rider, if you run 10km in 70 minutes, and likewise a fast swimmer and runner if you ride like my grandmother. I was always happy that my 3 legs were fairly consistent. I'm probably a little slow on the bike compared to the other 2, but don't really have a shocker in any. An example would be my last HIM. AG placings were 14th swim, 10th bike, 5th run. I'm happy the swim, as I probably averaged 2 swims a week for 3 months, and nothing for years before that. I looked at my AG results, and in the top 10 total of the AG, 6 were top 10 swim (worst was 38th), 6 were top 10 bike (worst was 17th), and 6 were top 10 run (worst was 16th). Most telling was of the top 5, 6th was the worst run place. Maybe that saying "ride for show, run for doe" really is true. Who else is "consistent", and who has wildly fluctuating level across the 3?
  5. pieman

    hervey bay

    About to spend a week in HB and wanting the good oil on where to run and swim (trying to do both every day) and also where to get coffee etc, I have found the aquatic centre and looks good. What is the OWS like at moment? I am staying on Esplanade pretty central I believe. Cheers
  6. http://swimiolite.com Roxii - I'm putting my hand up now if you get one of these to test run - ?
  7. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/cairns-triathlete-erica-atkins-dies-in-hospital-20150616-ghpa5o.html Not sure whether it had been mentioned already, if so please remove topic.
  8. HPT Coach Pete Clifford explains his 1.2.3 of swim improvement. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=190
  9. Australian Quadrathlon Championships 3km Swim, 20km Run, 80km Bike, 26km Paddle. (Murray Quad - Yarrawonga to Tocumwal) Is anyone else silly enough to be doing this event, or am I the only one??? Just wondering what the course is like... Is the swim likely to be over 14 degrees? Is the run course likely to be muddy? Is the bike road surface good? Is there a rescue squad in that area? Not that it really matters, I'll be flat out even getting to the start line!
  10. I run/ride most days from the wilds of Lane Cove into the city, and am thinking of doing some swim training on the way to work. The three obvious options without too much of a detour are Lane Cove Olympic/Bluefit, North Sydney Olympic, and Boy Charlton. I've checked out the websites, prices etc, but curious to hear others' experiences at the facilities, quieter days/times to go etc. Work and life in general make getting to classes/squads too hard most weeks, so just looking to churn out a few laps 1-2 a week without being swamped by kids or serious insects. Not really a gym bunny, and would rather a 50+ metre pool than getting dizzy in a typical indoor gym pool. Probably asking way too much, but no harm asking. Thanks, Kanga
  11. Hey guys, I'm interested in your thoughts re: swim tapering for Ironman. As a bit of background, I've been averaging 16-18km per week in the last 8 weeks or so, mostly over 4 sessions per week. This week I have done one 90mins / 5km session on Monday and am starting to taper it down so at the moment here's the plan: Wed (today): ~70min / 4km pool (threshold + strength mix) Fri: ~60min / 4km open water Sun: ~45-60min / 3-4km open water I'm not sure about what to do next week (race week). I've been enjoying getting in the water every second day so am keen to do the same but unsure of how long these sessions should be / how far to go to make sure I am fully rested for the weekend but still with a good "feel" for the water. Here's what I am thinking: Mon: ~45min / 3km longer sets (i.e. 3 x 1km) Tue: ~30-45min easy set with some short efforts (i.e. 25 and 50 sprints) Wed: ~30min easy Thu: travel Fri: ~30min on swim course Is this reasonable, too much, too little? Keen to hear what you have planned from now till race day, or what you've done in the past that has worked well for you. Cheers, Rog
  12. Ill be staying at hotel in South Yarra (Como) for a few days over the weekend and keen to get a couple of swims in. Are there any 50m pools close by or within reasonable bus/tram distance? Found a wattbike studio to try in Melb - so that will be my Sat am ride.
  13. I am doing my first sprint tri this Sunday at Kingscliff.My wave leaves at 7.25 with high tide being 8.26. Does anyone have any tips on swimming into the tide?
  14. Any of our expat Trannies got experience of tri clubs and/or places to train in Jakarta? Google isn't returning many valuable hits. I'll be working there for the next 4 weeks, in the Kemang, Blok M suburbs. I need to make sure my apparently already unworthy state (read qualifying for Vegas thread) doesn't deteriorate too much. : )
  15. The Gatorade Triathlon Triple Crown SuperSprint has introduced a new challenge for competitors this season. All you have to do is race and finish in the Sprint, Olympic and Long Course events in the Gatorade Series. All competitors who finish all three races will be awarded a “ Gatorade Triathlon Triple Crown” t-shirt by 2XU on stage at the Portarlington Long Course presentations. To be eligible competitors must enter the final race at Portarlington by Friday 15 February and finish at the following events: Race 3 Elwood – Sprint 500/20/5 13 January – Victoria’s most favoured sprint race in 2011/12 Race 4 Sandringham – Olympic 1500/40/10 3 February- Victoria’s most popular Olympic distance event Race 5 Portarlington – Long Course 2000/80/20 17 March – One of Australia’s best triathlon courses and longest running event in Victoria. If a competitor has entered the Series already but did not upgrade to the Portarlington Long Course and now wishes to take up the Gatorade Triple Crown challenge please contact SuperSprint on 9595 3000. We look forward to providing competitors with an extra challenge and goal for the season.
  16. I just joined a master swimming club a couple of weeks ago and they've had their "special" end of year session today. I thought I'd turn up and see how much of it I could get done. Started with the medium lane up to set 5, then the wheels started to fall off but still managed to hang on and called it a day after set #7 (7km), the furthest I have ever swam in one go. We all started at the same time, the guys on the fast lane were doing butterfly form on set #7 and were over 1km ahead of us Goal for next year is to get the whole set done and try to hang on with the fast guys. What about you, what's the furthest you have ever swam?
  17. Hi All, Just seeking some advice on swim sets that will help me pick up some speed. I can comfortably swim 2km in the pool in around 42min or swim the 1km in around 21-23min. Fitness wise, i complete the distances comfortably but what i want to do is swim them faster. Does anybody have any swim sets to offer up that is focused on increasing speed ? All advice appreciated.
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