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Year of first Tri race?

Found 9 results

  1. Another big event coming to the Sunshine Coast next July. First Velothon event in the Southern Hemisphere https://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/breaking-coast-to-host-major-global-cycling-event/3118514/ http://velothonsunshinecoast.com/ One day and three day events - courses look great through the Hinterland and coastaline
  2. Hi Guys, I'm from the Olympic Pool at Cotton Tree (Cotton Tree Aquatic Centre) on the Sunshine Coast. As you will well be aware, the IM70.3 World Champs is just over a week away, and we are already seeing a number of athletes coming through our doors for training in the lead up to the big event. As a fellow triathlete (complete Gumby mind you) and family member of a former Professional IM triathlete, I know the importance of not having your taper ruined due to events out of your control. So I guess I just wanted to let you know of the best time to come during the day. As a public facility, we have three pools: a hydro pool, a 25m and a 50m. Most mornings and afternoons and we have extremely limited lane availability due to Learn to Swim class and Squads. In order to make the most of your training session, the best time for you to come is anywhere between 10.15am-3.30pm Monday to Friday. looking at the pool now (4.30pm Wednesday), the three public lanes open have no less than 5 to a lane, and this is a quiet afternoon! We are also open on Saturday (7am-4pm) and Sunday (8am-3pm), however on Saturday the 3rd of September our 50m will be unavailable for lap swimming due to a swim carnival and limited lane space in the 25m due to Learn to Swim. If you need to do a light swim session on Saturday, I would suggest coming after 12.30pm as Learn to Swim will be finished and the 25m pool open to public. And we are closed on Sunday the 4th due to road closures around us due to the event. If you are coming to the coast for the event and you are still unsure of lane availability, please give us a call on 0754435601, or stop in and have a look at our complex on The Esplande, Cotton Tree, 4558. The run leg goes straight past our facility. Jo from Cotton Tree Pool
  3. Hey Guys Sansego are in danger of having to cancel the 3 day training camp on the Sunshine Coast in March, dates are the 18th,19th and 20th March, and there is heaps of inexpensive accommodation. For those who dont know it is to be the site of the 70.3 world champs this year. You even get to actually race against Crowie. You also get a welcome pack with goodies. The crazy thing is They could possibly be only 5-10 persons away from running it. This would be a a real shame and i was booked (originally i was to do Forster), but the Sunny coast is easy to get to. Really, this would,be the best prep for the Cairns Half and Full Ironman as well as obviously assistance in how to qualify for the 70.3 world champs. The coaches are world class and i guarantee as i am a member, they have info that i have not seen from other coaches. There really isnt many races around at this time. I am not on commission, i just care about a start up company trying to get off the ground. Other camps are booked out in the USA. DO you really want to see the USA dominate these camps. I am sure Sansego will even offer something to entice you to attend. Come we have so many triathletes here on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunny coast. it may seem expensive, but think what you spend on races, and equipment. THis is also a once in a lifetime opportunity. Crowie has done a lot for Australia, so please help him out. Look how proud you were watching him win his races. the site link is: http://www.sansego.co/ i am sure they will take any questions you may want to know about the camp. they would need you to act today or tomorrow. I beg you to please consider this.
  4. The final race of the 2014/15 TreX Cross Tri Series and the last race of the TQ State Series takes place on 2/3 May on the Sunshine Coast, get a long for your last chance to get off-road this season and a whole weekend of off-road multisport racing. Full event info: http://tre-x.com.au/events/2015-qld-championships/
  5. Hi guys, Just wondering whether anyone else is considering doing the QLD champs off road tri, to be held at the Ewan Maddock dam. The event they ran in February was my first ever off road tri, and I will definitely be back. In the meantime I'll be doing some MTB races as well, just to get my technical skills up. Cheers, Joostoz
  6. On the prompting of iFoz (thanks mate), I've set-up tracking for IM Malaysia and 70.3 Sunshine Coast. Trannies who want to be added to the Tracking system will need to register their race number. To register, you need to be logged into the Forum, and then visit the links below. The entered race number will be assigned to your login name. If you're not logged in, you can't register your race number. Only one race number can be registered per user. It is possible to register any race number against your user name, but I hope in the spirit of Transitions this won't happen. I'll set-up the links in transitions.org.au in the next few days. Caveat: the system is still in testing, so if there's an issue, let me know and I'll fix it - right, crossing my fingers this all works... IRONMAN MALAYSIA RACE NUMBER REGISTRATION 70.3 SUNSHINE COAST RACE NUMBER REGISTRATION
  7. Hi all A friend of mine is a masseuse and would like to set up a table to provide free massages for competitors at the Sunshine Coast 70.3. Does anyone know who she can contact about this?
  8. The latest free edition of Sunshine Coast Multisport Mecca is out now. http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/free-sunshine-coast-multisport-mecca-may-7-e-magaz/2251061/ We have the latest on the inaugural TOOMOO220 which has received rave reviews. How the Coast competitors finished at Ironman Australia, including the lowdown from Robbie Andrews Kona qualifier Kacey Willoughby says she has unfinished business in Hawaii, find out why We test the Zipp 404 Clincher wheelset Dietitian Lorna Garden has some brilliant advice for injury and illness recovery And get the region's best multisport event guide
  9. The Tre-X Back to Back Cross Triathlon takes place at the spectacular Novotel Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, over 2 days. All competitors take on 2 identical races over the 2 days, firstly on Saturday and then backing up again on the Sunday morning to do it all again. Winners are determined by the cumulative time for the 2 races. Long course, Short, Junior and Kids races all take place over the 2 days. Full event info here: http://www.tre-x.com.au/Event-Info-QLD-Back2Back.php
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