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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. Hi I've just joined the triathlon family, completing the Trithegong Olympic distance. I competed on a Cell road bike I found in a bin... Just changed the front wheel and the pedals. The problem is that the frame is a size 59.5cm and I'm 1.73m. Hence the urgency to find a new bike since I registered to the Port Stephen Olympic and Cairns Ironman 79.3. I spent my Saturday morning going from one bike shop to another in Sydney. I want a bike a can train and race with. I short listed 3 bikes that suit my budget ($4,000 max for the bike and race wheel - if the bike is not already equipped): - Felt AR3 - $2,700 (Ultegra / Shimano RS31) - Cervelo S3 - $3,800 (Ultegra / Mavic Cosmic Elite S) - Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 $3,700 (Ultegra / Giant P-SLR0 Aero; 55mm deep full-composite ) Can I please ask you expert advise? Any tip or experience is welcomed as I can't make my mind. Re the Felt I would maybe add and extra set of wheels to race. Also with my height being in between 51 cm and 54 cm, is there a best option considering the type of usage I will have. Thanks a lot for your help, I know choosing a bike is personal but I'm not familiar enough with the technical side of things to make a quick decision. Thom
  2. Hi everyone, I have just recently moved to Sydney (Potts Point to be precise) and I need your help on the following: My story: I am 31 that wants to start practicing triathlon. I am an average runner, I did some half marathons and marathons, but that's it. In terms of cycling I know just the basic. In terms of Swimming, that's definitely where I will struggle, I know how to swim, but... just, well, you understand. My short term goal: Be able to complete a small triathlon in 2013 and/or to improve my (lack of) skills in swim and cycle. My medium term goal: Half-Iron Man My long term goal: in 3 years time, to be able to complete the Iron Man. My schedule preference: I work mon-fri 8am to 5pm. I am available from then onwards. My problem: To find the most appropriate club near Potts Point or in Sydney that can help me to achieve these objectives. Yes, I know that it will be almost impossible and it will require lots of work. But I am committed and I just need a very good starting point. I have been searching on the internet and there are several websites with a list of all the triathlon clubs in Sydney. However I just need your honest opinion and experience on those clubs, since I have just recently moved to Sydney and I need some guidance. Thank you for your time! Manuel
  3. Briefly, swam fine, biked as well as can be expected, ran way quicker than I thought I could. Now for some detail…sorry if this is too boring! Hard to put 12 hours plus on paper and keep it to a reasonable length. Training : I was so undertrained for this race it is unbelievable that I got through as well as I did. In the 14 weeks pre-race I averaged 7 hours a week training (no that is not a typo). Longest run I have ever done is 23 km, longest in this build was 21 km….but that was a one off, a lot of weeks my long run was 14-15km. During the build there was one 108km, 3 x 80km rides. I have never ridden further than 110km in my life. Yep, sounds like a great Ironman prep. There are reasons for it, mainly 2 kids that at the time of entry I thought would be sleeping by now…but they aren’t. The one thing I was consistent at was swimming. Anyhow, onto the race. Swim: 34:56 Living hours from the ocean means open water training for me is non-existent and my surf skills are not at all good. So seeing the ocean like it was race day was not part of my grand plan, but it happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I can’t say I was happy to hear the swim was shortened from the planned 3.8km to about 1.5km, being my first I wanted it to be full distance, but I was not overly disappointed. In the water I found getting the end of the pier was fine except for the congestion. Once we got past the pier things were a bit messier. A few times I massively miss-timed breaths but I managed to not swallow too much water and there is nothing like the feeling of catching air instead of water. The whole way through I was just thinking swim easy, swim easy. I could not believe how many people cut the cans short. On the way back in I decided to just go with the current, make the swim as easy as possible then just walk/jog back up the beach rather than fighting the water to head back more in line with the pier. Walking back up the beach towards transition a lot of people ran past me, I was just working in energy conservation mode. I could have gone around again if asked, which was a good feeling to have. Got out in about 35 minutes feeling pretty fresh and happy with how I swam. T1: With the short swim there were people everywhere. Pulled up some grass near the side of the tent and it all went ok. I did I was in no rush. Bike: 7:03:24 Start of the bike was just one big pace line with a few packs mixed in, which was always going to be the case with the short swim. I am slow on the bike, I know it, but I accepted that and picked a power number to stick with that I thought I should get home with and feel ok for the run. I was trying to stick to my limit and every time the road went up hill people flew past me, then on the downhill I would go back past them. I struggled with how many middle to back of the pack riders were out of the saddle punching it up hills in the first 50km of an IM ride. I understand the pro’s doing it but I don’t see the point for the people riding around my time? Got to the turn around and it was nice to see a few people in the drafting penalty tent! The tunnel on the way back in was awesome, downhill, tail wind 67kmh down on the aero bars! The whole trip back in was a rest really, spinning it over but sitting below power targets pretty easily. Ran out of gears a few times, which was a good excuse to take it a bit easy. At about 70-80km my left foot started to burn a bit, which it always does on the bike. Wiggling the toes and pulling up when pedalling seems to help, so any coast time from this point on involved clipping out and wriggling my foot around. Just picked Katie (wife) of as I turned back out and into the wind again as expected. It was a bit harder for the second lap with less people around, but got through it ok, 4 minutes slower than the first lap out so I was happy with that part of the pacing. At about the 125km mark my left hamstring cramped so I had to stop and stretch for a couple of minutes. In the past it has always been quads on the bike, but I think the hamstring was from pulling up to help the numb/burning feet. Last trip back in was where it started to all go wrong. I got to about 30-35km left to go and the wind switched. What should have been a 30kmh tail wind became a headwind of the same strength. 20km to go hamstring went again. Second trip in took 28 minutes longer than the first. I reckon 6-8 minutes of that was me starting to struggle with the distance…the other 20 minutes was the damn wind! Looking at the power figures the average power was about 145 for the first 45km, then dropped about 5 watts each 45km so my pacing wasn’t too bad given the lack of fitness. T2: A lot less people than there was the first time around. Even got a seat this time, not rushing with discussion in the tent being based around the fact we could all walk to Melbourne and make cut off, had a quick chat to ‘Cape Horn’ in the tent then out I went.. I was really venturing into the unknown. As I was leaving T2 my hamstring was a bit grabby, so straight legged running and that disappeared. Run: 4:23:17 Left the tent and headed south for the 1 km to the turnaround and back to the tent. I reckon I passed 20 people in that section while feeling I was running easily. Saw Katie running for the shuttle bus as I was coming back through Frankston, yelled out 'See you in St Kilda' and continued on. Prerace I planned to walk at each aid station (roughly each 2km) for 30-60 seconds, so essentially I had 21 x 2km runs ahead of me. Mentally that was my way of dealing with it. 2km is barely a warm up! The first 5-6km through paths in Frankston was really nice to run through. Got on the Nepean and saw a line of people walking, I could not believe how many were walking so early in the run. My 2km segments were working well. Alternated aid stations going water, Gatorade, water and salt tablet, repeat, repeat. The ball on my left foot had stabbing pains from about 5-10km, then went numb. Again, this happens every run so I was ready for that. Absolutely loved all of the support on the road. People standing and sitting out the front of their house cheering us on was great….even if I was jealous of a few sitting at the pub having some beers! I kept my pace solid without being spectacular, just ticking over the km’s. At about 18km my right knee started to hurt a little either side of the patella. That was a new pain for me, I assume it was something to do with running on camber for so long. 21km…Special needs and a spectator live site. That was the first big goal on the run. Got my back and pulled out a packet of salt and vinegar chips and a couple of Nurofen. Walked for 3-4 minutes while I ate the chips and just soaked it in…I could not believe I felt so good half way through the marathon! Within a couple more km the knee pain disappeared, might have been the Nurofen, might have been the chips J At about 24km I got the glow sticks….the sun was well in the sky so I was surprised to get them so early. First thought was ‘Tully (daughter) will love these’ and she does. Through 26km I started to struggle a bit. I started getting some water melon at aid stations too just to get a bit of something in my stomach that was not too heavy. By this stage I was starting to think about walking every km instead of every aid station. Managed to push through to 33km before I started walking every km, so I was happy to push it that far. At about 30km I started taking in Coke and lollies at some aid stations too. Probably should have started on the lollies earlier. I was still not feeling too bad given there was only about 10km to go. I kept hearing about the wall at 30km and probably talked myself into feeling bad a bit and in hindsight I could have stuck to just walking aid stations. The aid station at 38km? was awesome, music pumping, great atmosphere. All of the aid stations were great but that one gets my vote as best of the bunch. Then running through the Giant section was pretty bloody special too, really made the last 4-5km a celebration. Although people telling you that you are nearly there with 6km to go was a bit hard to hear, still seems a long way when you are running it. All through the run I was passing people which really helped my mental state. It is uplifting to always be catching people. Got through 41 km and the finish chute was in sight. Had a smile on my face the whole way in from there. Turned the top of the chute, heard everyone banging the boards which was awesome. Spent the first half looking for Katie. Spotted her, gave a big smile and onwards to the line. Goosebumps the whole way in. That only got even bigger when I was given my medal by Pete Jacobs, absolute honour to meet the Ironman World Champion, and he was such a great bloke too. Took the time to read my name off the number and ask me how I felt and be encouraging, massive thumbs up to Pete. I ended up passing over 300 people on the run and can only remember 3 people passing me! Finish time : 12:14:40 Got a seat at a Trannie recovery table, must admit I have forgotten some of the names there but was good to meet you all none the less! Looking back (and forward). I will do another ironman, I am not sure when. During the build and the race I had decided it would be a few years away….at the moment I am tempted to enter for next year! I am stocked with the run especially given my lack of long running. Swim was what I expected and I am happy that my swim is progressing. The bike is the obvious weakness, and a big part of that is time in the saddle! Really need to get life organised to get more saddle time before I commit to another Ironman…entries open Tuesday so I have a few days to decide.
  4. nealo

    How to Taper

    So this seems like an art in it self, maybe the 5th discipline? How close to race day can you be doing your long ride and run? How far out should be your longest ride and run? Cut the hours but increase the intensity? Cut the hours and the intensity?
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