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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Firstly Michael aka Ando would not normally be called a legend. But after his "legendary" shuffle home at the Sunny Coast World's I think the lable will stick. Read the full report later either here or in the Tri Reports forum. So why was Michael Anderson chosen for Ten Questions Primarily it's a spin off on Go Easy's Ten Q's. Geoff mentioned Ando a few times which caused me to pay a bit more attention. A 32 year career with every high and low you could imagine clinched it. And no dwelling on the past either. This guy transcends all the era's and is fully updated. As you might see through the interview. And then the fact that he didn't feel worthy made it even more interesting. A few PM's and we were away. He's not all old school either. Probably a combination of hard work combined with high tech. And association with a few big hitters in the sport too. Michael is busy with work and family so he asked me for more time. We thought of starting early so he could tackle the questions one by one. A formula started by RBR and worked well for Go Easy also. INTRO QUESTIONS. 1. Michael. Will call you Michael or Ando ok with that? Michael for those that don't know you, submit a brief personal bio narrative form. Where were you born and where have you lived. Education and professional status. Marital status. Do you have any genetic links which might link to you ultimately being a good athlete? 2. Ando. All sports played at school and after. Rugby League as you have told me and other? Then running which you eventually became quite good at. Try to bring that up to when you did your first triathlon. Include running and the progression. Tackle those first. Then proceed to Ten Questions.
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