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Year of first Tri race?

Found 18 results

  1. G'Day Crew, Have been wearing contacts for probably over 25 years, with no real issues or dramas until recently. Long story short have been told I can't wear contacts for the next 3/4 months and "hopefully the issue will resolve itself". This doesn't sit well with me and nor does the thought of wearing glasses full time as they give me the shits. I have wondered before about Laser surgery however as the contacts haven't been too much of an issue I've never really looked into it. However not going to muck around anymore and now looking at options in Melbourne. Anyone had this done and any recommendations for Melbourne surgeries? Thanks in advance Ayto
  2. Hoping someone knows a company that can transfer my bike from Melbourne to IM Cairns? I've searched Pyebikes and Velotrans and both don't appear to exist anymore. I had been relying on tribike transfer but they aren't doing transfers from Melbourne. Any suggestions would be great!
  3. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people whinging about people whinging. So stop whinging about whingers and find a good reason to have a good whinge.
  4. I am new to the Glenroy/Pascoe vale area and are looking for swim, bike and run training groups nearby. I am gradually getting my bearings but need some local advice. Any info anyone can provide would be really helpful.
  5. I have an old wind trainer CS1000 Cat Eye CS-1000 Cyclosimulator The Cateye CS-1000 lets you set your mag resistance level as you're riding, simulating a hill climb up to 10% through eight steps. Use this in combination with the turbo fan, for realistis "road feel," or without, to keep the noise down. Integrated cycle computer track your current speed, distance, exercise time, load (% grade), power (watts) and energy (calories). Solid front fork/rear wheel mount fits road and mountain bikes. Folds for storage This is what it looks like. No not me ​In Melbourne. Make an offer. I'd rather not post as the cost isn't worth it. They are worth about $600 new. Happy to take $150 It is second hand but been sitting in the storeroom at work for about 4 years and I can honestly say hardly been used.
  6. Come on people where are all the Melb threads? Surely those down there are excited and want share the love! Those of us not there need something to keep us motivated, and/or sledge about the race being too easy, too windy, short swim blah blah. How's the weather? How's the expo? How's the athletes welcome dinner? What's the mood like down there? Enjoy the next few days and hope you have a ball!
  7. Rinnie is going to be racing at Ironman Melbourne. http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=171
  8. Did anyone else get separate emails from WTC asking whether they can help me register for Melbourne or WA? They are now actively trying to recruit entrants, bit different compared to when (at least Melbourne) events would sell out in no time! Is this a sign? Should I sell my WTC shares ;-)
  9. 75 Kona slots the cheapskates. Should have know the 100 was too good to last. Might give it a crack anyway Who else?
  10. I'm selling a windtrainer due to no longer using it since the purchase of a spin bike. Short spiel - $50 for the windtrainer, pick up from Patterson Lakes, Melbourne - bargain for someone getting their first windtrainer or changing over to rim driven model. Long spiel - This windtrainer was purchased new around 5 years ago and had use during the winter months for around 3 of those years. Being rim driving, this does not burn through tyres, not the noisiest model I've seen either but does have some noise so please don't think you can use it in a room with a sleeping child or the like. Has levels of resistance, however does not have the remote control so changing of resistance does require getting off the bike. I also have the riser to go with it. All up the windtrainer is in great condition Happy to see this off to a new home for $50, due to size and weight not interested in postage so will have to be pick up from Patterson Lakes in Victoria. If interested may be able to work out collection from somewhere mutual. Giving this one week and then off to ebay for listing.
  11. Hi Everyone, Given the other thread regarding Sydney coffee shops I thought I would start one for our Melbourne members. Be interesting to experience some cafes that I don't know about. I'll start with one Jerry's Milkbar on Barkly st. (cyclist and child friendly)
  12. Ill be staying at hotel in South Yarra (Como) for a few days over the weekend and keen to get a couple of swims in. Are there any 50m pools close by or within reasonable bus/tram distance? Found a wattbike studio to try in Melb - so that will be my Sat am ride.
  13. I'd be interested in seeing some power profiles posted for the Melbourne ride. Did you ride to your target power, lower, higher? Even with a shortened swim it looked like the marathon times were pretty fast amongst the top age groupers and I am wondering if having a windy day on the bike has actually contributed to a lower average power output and therefore faster runs? Also was there a tailwind on the run? Would be interested to hear people's thoughts on this. Cheers, Rog
  14. I'm heading down to Melbourne with work late next week & I was wondering where the nearest pool to the CBD was that I could jump into a lane & do my own session. I don't want a squad, but just want to get in and do a few km as I'll miss my normal session. What's the best optionand how crowded is it at 5:30am. Thanks
  15. My niece is after a racer for her human powered vehicle program at school. She is around 160cm and doesn't want to spend a fortune. Has anyone got anything lying around and they want to sell? I assume it will be size small, but possibly borderline medium.
  16. http://www.abc.net.a...ccident/3852386 From article: A man who was struck by a jet ski while swimming south of Melbourne yesterday has died in hospital. Witnesses told police the 51-year-old had been bathing at Port Melbourne Beach when two men riding a jet ski rammed into him. The man was rushed to the Alfred Hospital with severe head injuries and put in an induced coma. Police are questioning the 21-year-old who was driving the jet ski. Any witnesses are being urged to contact Crime Stoppers. From me: Take care when open water swimming, always wear a bright coloured swim cap. These friggen jet skis. Don't know specifics of this case, but cowboys on water these jerks are. They ride past when we're out in the surf and we give them f'n heaps. They are not supposed to go within (I think 60 metres) of a swimmers without slowing to walking pace. They aren't supposed to be within 100 metres of shorelines without slowing to walking pace either.... But these idiots race around like mad men through swimmers, surfers etc.. Ocean Cowboys with no regard to anyone else.
  17. Hi, the athlete guide for Melbourne has been posted online, for those interested! Www.ironmanmelbourne.com
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