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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Sydney is a week away from the old blue line marathon.. who's in this year?? I'm start venue manager again so I guess I'll see you all fresh and ready to rock and roll! I"ll be the least like to look like a runner guy wearing around three radios!
  2. Hey triathletes! I'm part of a contest by Adidas to be selected as a bran ambassador for 2014, we're down to three male finalists. It would be of great help if you could clikc on the Fb link below and give the picture a big, helpful "Like!" this takes only a second! https://www.facebook.com/soymaratonista/photos/a.10152221545348232.1073741962.137576833231/10152221545563232/?type=1&permPage=1 Thanks a lot! Sebastian
  3. There are quite a few interesting posts stemming from the thread about the perfect Ironman training week and I'm interested in pulling this one out to see what others think. In particular, I was interested in this post from slice, in which he states his long runs were all done at 5-6 min/km pace, yet he managed to run a very impressive (and probably within the top 1% of the field) 3h10min run last year at Port. In my last Ironman, where my long runs have all been done at 4:40-4:45min/km pace for up to 2.5hrs, I ended up averaging 5:12min/km for the IM mara. This is inline with what I heard about expected pace drop off of about 20-25s/km when you add the swim & bike fatigue to your legs. So this time I am training to get my long run down to a "comfortable" 4:30min/km pace and all things going well expecting to be able to run my next Ironman at around 4:45-4:50 min/km. Obviously how you pace the bike will have a huge impact in the difference but I'm more interested in those that got off the bike in a position to deliver your best possible run. What's your experience when comparing long training runs vs. race day pace?
  4. Sydney Marathon Clinic Road Race Series 2012-13 New course. New on day presentation format New multi race bib timing tags with name on bib. With the days counting down and the interest increasing it is time to start a fresh 2012-13 thread where all questions can get asked, hopefully answered and the sledging can continue. All previous participants would by now have seen the email sent by Nic. I will just go through the key changes for the series here. If in doubt about anything, or for more detail on the below, please check our website. The first race is on Sunday 21st October 2012....this comprises a 5km, 10km and 21.1km. Every month there will be a 5km, 10km and 21.1km, plus an additional 30km on selected months a Standard Marathon in May. Membership is now an optional choice. You get the same race entry prices as a non member, but members get the benefits such as full club membership rights, free SMC singlet, R4YL subscription, 25% discount to M7 marathon etc. Members can also choose to indicate availability to volunteer. We will continue to park and use ablution facilities at Rosford Reserve, and walk across to our new start location. late entrants will register at the start. The video of the new course is found . Accurate course markings, aid stations and course marshals on course which is 'non traffic'. If you register here before 10th October you can opt to have your name printed on your bib. Online entry is encouraged and is $10 cheaper and online entries go into lucky draw for prizes, including Mizuno running shoes. Prices range from <$7 for a 5km to <$14 for a HM...online entrants have option to purchase 3, 6 o 9 races as well as single month entries. Only single races can be purchased on the day. If you wish to purchase 3, 6 or 9 races, this must be done online. If you do not have a credit card, ask a friend to help out or you could purchase a pre-paid 'credit' card. If you're still stuck, get in touch with us. Children 12 and under may enter the 5km event for $2 per race. This year we will be using the electronic 'ring bib tags' stuck to the back of your bib. This is yours to keep for the entire series. Once you have registered for multi races then simply come back to the start line for the next race. Casual 'race day only' entrants will also keep the bib/tag and if they do come back to any other race in series, they simply need to pay for it- no entry form to fill in- and join the start line. As easy as that. So keep your bib as a reminder to come back to another race. Free refreshments supplied at the end of each race inc. BBQ or sandwich platters...BBQ volunteers wanted. Presentations will occur at the finish line at approximately 9:10am. Check the new start times which are designed to stagger races such that almost all people are there at 9:10am There is an early start option for those who deem themselves as slower runners in the long race. Again this is simply to get us to clear course earlier and have more people back by 9:10am For those on Facebook, this is our Facebook page. Like us there to get all of the latest information Our email address for communication is smcroadraceseries@gmail.com So if you have any questions, ask! See you all at Race 1 on the 21st October!
  5. Hi All, I ran the Melbourne Marathon yesterday and it was the first time i have covered the distance in about 20 years. The longest run i did in training for the run was around 25km, main reason being that my 'A' race this year is 70.3 Canberra in December and the marathon was really just for the experience in covering the distance. My nutrition for the race was basically that i had 1x torq gel around 10mins prior to the start and then had one more gel at each 10km split. I only had water during the run at the aid stations too. The gels equate to 28g of carbs each so a total of 140g of carbs for the entire run. I haven't really looked into my nutrition in the past and whilst this plan appeared to be ok for me, what would other do for such a distance ? what would you consume, how much and how often ?
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