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Year of first Tri race?

Found 8 results

  1. Buggeracup

    Brownlee 70.3

    Results are here; http://m.eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman-70.3/st.-george/results.aspx Very impressive performance from Alistar overnight in the US Championship. Basically second out of the water and then put big time into everyone on the bike with the exception of Kinele and Sanders while riding completely solo (unlike the others) on a very tough and hilly course. Then he cruised the run course and looked very comfortable doing enough to get the win and not looking like he would blow out a candle in his post race interview. Personally i I think this proves that the top ITU guys are in another league across all distances with the exception of IM. In reality, the top guys in the sport focus on ITU because that is where the prizemoney and sponsorship is and the guys who can't cut it, or as they age, make the transition to long course. Let's face it, even Frodeno only ever won two ITU races, he was just lucky that one of those managed to jag him an Olympic Gold. My thoughts are that if all of Brownlee (x2), Gomez, Mola, Murray, Frodeno, Sanders, Kinele all toe the line in tip-top shape at any 70.3 championship then the ITU guys are going to wipe the floor with them. Ironman is a different kettle of fish though potentially.......
  2. Hey Tri Friends, I am trying to get hold/listen to a recording of the intro drumming for ITU athletes before they start, can any one help me out? Thanks in advance, because i know you are all better at google than I Cam
  3. OK, who else here is about to fly out to London? And what are your expectations? tortoise F55-59 Olympic (and Aquathlon to get a trial swim hit at the venue and a training run out of the water). Flying Sunday, too tired to feel excited, lots still to do work-wise. ITB is playing up for the first time ever, so a good excuse to pull back and get a bit more rest. Expectations: to rip around the front of Buckingham Palace four times on the bike semi-naked with AUS on my backside grinning from ear to ear in memory of my monarchist Mum who never saw me race. And personal retribution after declining the team place in Budapest in 2010.
  4. Lots of Australians racing in Japan this weekend. Johnny Browlee is also in for his first race of the season so should be a good one to watch. We still haven't seen Densham in the circuit, does anyone know what she's been up to? I saw some MTB / X-triathlon photos from her on twitter... I personally have been really enjoying the ITU coverage on http://triathlonlive.tv - bought a season pass for about 20 bucks and get top notch live coverage of these events, plus access to it afterwards if you are after some entertainment for the trainer sessions. Here's the Aussie starters list posted on TA's website Emma Moffatt Ashleigh Gentle Charlotte Mcshane Natalie Van Coevorden Ryan Bailie Cameron Good Peter Kerr Dan Wilson http://www.triathlon.org.au/News/Latest_News/Competition_heats_up_as_World_Triathlon_Series_heads_to_Yokohama.htm
  5. Australia's Aaron Royle is the 2012 Men's Under23 ITU World Champion! Royle outsprinted Spain's Fernando Alarza and Great Britain's Thomas Bishop down the final finishing chute, in a thrilling finish to the final event for Saturday. Full results here soon, http://www.triathlon...l_auckland/1796, stay tuned for photo galleries, full race recaps and video highlights on www.triathlon.org from all of today's world title action in Auckland! Saw Aaron climbing Mt Kiera last week when doing a training session with @nealo and @Diamonds, he must've been inspired by what he's seen?! Great to see an Aussie male getting amongst it
  6. Rog

    ITU Stockholm Sprint

    Anyone watch the race today? Looked like a very tough race with a crit style bike course, cobblestones and a few hills thrown in on the run. Very exciting to watch! Pretty impressive performance by the Aussies with Royle out of the water in 4th place and stayed with the lead bunch for the whole ride and Dan Wilson working hard on the chase pack and having a pretty good run. Gomez had another incredible run coming for behind to finish second but it looked like he was going to get J Brownlee but ran out of real estate. Just about to start watching the women now...
  7. Jackson, Moffatt and Densham, BK, CA and Sexton are all on the start list, racing together for the last time before the Olympics. This should be good to watch and see where we're at and how they will possibly race as a team (or not) in London. Men's race is on Saturday 6:25pm Hamburg time (2:25am AUS), Women's on Sunday 4pm (12am AUS). Live stream available on http://www.triathlonlive.tv. http://www.triathlon.org/news/article/race_for_2012_itu_world_triathlon_series_title_heats_up_in_hamburg/
  8. If you have not watched the team triathlon world championships in Lausanne I think you should it was very entertaining to watch and made for good racing but it was also very obvious that the Aussies were not really prepared at all for that event and it appears that the European nations have been incorporating it in many of their competition to get athletes used to the fast and furious nature of the event. Considering it is likely to be incorporated in the Olympic games as well should it not be done more here in Oz? I think it would make for a great event to include at the Club championships here in Oz too. May be each club can put together a team or two Not sure how it could work but just thinking here. What are people thoughts? Do you think it should also be included in the Age group world champs?
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