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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. Well according to TC in the entertaining Bahrain thread all the prince needed to do to qualifie for kona is to fininsh Seeing the head is now locked has anyone got info on wether this is the case or not....?. If it is I have bit of a problem if he just gets a walk up start You get someone like RBR with a fantastic performance and a run time of 3-16 and "May " get a roll down Then you've got an overweight dude with stacks of cash just getting giving a spot just because of who he is (I know they do celebrity spots at kona but I think this is a tad different as TC has claimed he WILL qualifie and I no reason not to believe her) and besides this bloke is hardely a celeb to most of the market that WTC are pushing IM too Besides he could just buy one of the lottery spots and donate some of his we'll earned cash to a good cause Please just keep this thread to the lines of the kona Q not the other topics that seem to float up with this fellow and and a lot of other threads on triathlon in ME (as entertaining as they are) Cheers Ivp
  2. Since my other half (who doesn't have a huge interest in Sport) has been following me around to Triathlon events for the past 20 years... I think it's only fair that I take her to see one of her favourite artists, Pink. In order to achieve this noble act, it seems that I need to acquire some tickets to a concert. Just like all the great events (like Ironman, Alcatraz and Noosa) it appears that the tickets to these events have 'sold out'. If it was a Triathlon, I'd just Email the Race Director or pay through the nose for a Tri Travel entry, but since it is a Pink Concert I'm not really all that sure how to go about getting a 'late entry'. It looks like there's still a few tickets being offloaded on Ebay and Gumtree, and also on a site called viagogo.com but can these be trusted? And if so, am I better off parting with a good dollar for the 'dux guts' (Elite Wave Start) tickets, or just go with the 'standard' (Age Group Start) ones. At this stage it looks like we might be going to Acer Arena at Homebush next weekend, although Melbourne or Brisbane are still possibilities as well.
  3. Wanted to get some feedback on the GORM. Apart fro ma few more Ks, how does it rate against other maras ? It looks pretty up and down. Can you get any rhythm ? Any inside info would be good. Ta FM
  4. camb

    Runaway Bay Pool

    Any of you GCers swim or have swum at Runaway Bay Pool? Looks pretty nice online. Hoping to get in the water a few times next week when I'm up that way. Is it pricey? Are they open early/late? (I couldn't find any of this info on the website). Cam.
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