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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. So for those that have road and TT (plus those that have multiples of everything ), how often do you ride your TT ? Do you ride it a bit, a lot, 50/50, occasionally, only during race season in training etc? Also, how close is the set-up to each other (i.e. fitted) or do you just adjust both for your feel/fit ? The reason I asked is that I have been riding the same road bike for a number of years (with clip-ons) but will flick over to a TT bike after my Tour de Cure ride. It hasn't been fitted so I may just do the feel/fit. I just want to be careful the a change is posture etc that may cause a few problems. I want to use it at the KWC in April and Port in May. Any other things to think about ? Thanks FM
  2. When I was swimming on the weekend, I noticed how far the person in the lane next to me pushed off the wall then glided at the end. I measured it. 3 metre push off and 2 metre glide. that's 5 metres in a 25 metre pool, or 20% distance lost. If you normally swim 3 kms, then you lose 600 meters of swimming. Even if you cut the glide done to 1 metre , you still lose 480 metres. I never push off for this reason. I touch and turn but still lose 1 metre starting and maybe glide a metre. That's still losing 240 metres. So, how much do you lose ? FM
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