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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Just getting in early to warn all that the 30th IMOz will be a great occasion. However, the Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015 will be an even more prestigious affair. I'm hoping to get IM Royalty for the event. (In the past we have had Dave Orlowski 3rd placegetter in the original 1978 IM) But for 2015, it could be a female of even greater stature! Because it will be the 30th year of IMOz, then the Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015 will be a culmination of the previous years Beer Miles. So, I am putting the word out for some of the Beer Mile Originals to come to Town Green at 3:00pm on Monday 4 May 2015. People like the instigators of the early events, Peter, Alex, Speedy Steve from Busselton, RatDog from Thailand (already confirmed), Ken Baggs, Gizmo, Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Fozzie, Squid, The Grafton Kid, PIS, Mad Dog, our very Secret Sponsor, TGL, Sharks, etc etc etc et al. Also, if anyone has any trophies they would like to donate for the event then they will be very welcome. At IM Cairns this year I managed to snaffle a lot of trophies like Cam's Hat Trick, Worst Lady Bowler, 1964 Champ, Smallest Fish Caught....etc etc. So, if you would like to present a trophy from your own trophy cabinet, then I will have some white stick-on tabs, so that you can rename your trophy accordingly. Get ready for a truly amazing Very Famous Trannie Beer Mile for 2015.
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