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Found 3 results

  1. Morning Trannies! As you'll get to know (disclaimer?) I'm about to open my own running store very shortly (hopefully). I'm looking into product selection and thought it'd be a good idea to ask the masses about things I don't know a lot about (with Roxii's permission). As you'll be well aware, I've only come around to Hoka's in the last 6 months or so (I've even got them to Shuffla and Bored@ recently). I was always a non believer and I've always worn very minimalist shoes. But after talking a a few people and one very very good coach about benefits he's seen for both himself and some of his athletes, I think there is a place for them, for some people. So I'd like to know the answers to the above questions and any other thoughts you might have on Hoka's. Would even appreciate those who have worn Hoka's and didn't like them or changed to something different to come forward and tell me why. As a reward, everyone who contributes to this thread in a positive way will go into a hat and Roxii will pick one lucky person that get a free pair of shoes and socks from www.runwith.com.au (website will be down until Friday Lunch time). Thanks, willie@runwith.com.au (aka Hiltz) p.s hang in there for the official store launch in a couple of weeks, will be a nice discount to be had. In the meantime, if you need something running related, shoot me a message and I'll see if I can work it out for you.
  2. Hi all, Check out the in depth reviews by your peers of the Hoka Huaka. Thanks to George Bob and "Mrs Batman" for the well written reviews. Roger has given readers a discount code as well for those that like the shoes as much as our reviewers. http://transitions.org.au/showarticle.php?cid=150&p=3
  3. G'day Guys, So I have been emailing some various suppliers when topics come up and have been getting some good responses. Fusion gave us some kit which Bored@ and Tenpints got to try, race in and review Dare2Tri have given us a tri suit which I reviewed, and Nealo is just finishing his review of their Mach 3 wetsuit. They have also very generously offerd to get us a swim skin for Nath to test out, as he mentioned looking for one on the forum. They are also sending us a pair of compression tights which I will be looking for somene to take for a spin. Now Hoka are on board and are looking to send us maybe two pairs of shoes for one person to try and comapare the two. So if you are someone who is looking to dip your toe in the Hoka style shoe market, or maybe already in a pair of Hokas or similar and looking to try the new range then let me know. Ideally I would like someone who is around my size so I can have a try as well, but thats not a clincher. With the swim skin Im not the same size as Nath, so Ill get it deliverd to me, take a few piccys, have a look over the item and then send it on to Nath to test. As you are all aware the beauty of this method of testing/ reviewing is that the tests are being done by people you "know" and trust in so far as you know and trust them more than you would an unknown reviewer on a website or magazine. This I think is a great thing and has been acknowledged by some suppliers already. Its also a pretty sweet opportunity to get to try some new/ different kit before you decide to buy so hope it is seen as a good thing by you guys. With these reviews they are done on the understanding that they all go back to the suppliers, and that the reviews are done in good faith, and without prejudice of the brand being reviewed or your current favourites. So if you can string a few words together and can give a decent unbiased and constructive review then stay tuned. It doesnt need to bee too much just a few hundred words, and I will edit any spelling and grammar. I want to spread the love as far and wide as I can, but postage and the like may prohibit larger items getting too far afield. Let me know.
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