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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, Ive been putting in a fair few kms in the hills over winter all on a 11-25. I have entered into a few races and Fondos that have decent climbs in them. Im wondering weather having a few extra gears on the climb would allow me to climb faster or not have as fatigued legs due to being able to spin a higher cadence on the climbs. Ive completed all 7 major peaks in VIC on my current set up so its not a matter of wether I can get to the top its how fast and wether my legs will be intact. Look forward to hearing your opinions.
  2. Guys/girls, With the tri season now over and I'm well into recovery month. Been doing a bit of planning on how to improve my hill climbing. From now until November I'll do one long ride a week between 100 - 150km. Normally include a few 7-10km climbs with gradient of say 5% or so. For those in Melb , Kinglake, the 1 in 20 ect. I'm currently 105kgs and aim to get down to 95-99 ish. So that should help. Anyway to my question. Do you think I am better to train by doing these hill repeats several times or continue with my long rides as I have. I have seen great improvement in the last year eg. Kinglake time on strava went from 30min down to 24 I would like to get closer to 20 min if possible. I also want to complete the Amy's Gran Fondo in under 4 hours last year finished in 4:14. I'm working strength training into my program with legs included once a week. I still want to be able to ride the 150 plus km rides so maybe it will be a mix of them both. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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