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Year of first Tri race?

Found 5 results

  1. Go Easy

    2017 Goals - What are they?

    So this is Christmas and what have you done... Another year over, and new one's just begun. (John Lennon) Ok, so what's your Goals, Dreams & Hopes for this coming year? Triathlon related or life in general. I love hearing what others are aiming for, and find it inspirational. Personally I'm struggling to find a sporting goal that I'm happy with so feel free to suggest some. Outside of sport I'm planning on continuing with my ongoing goal of being a better father and friend (still plenty of work to do there) and where possible I will endeavour to help others achieve their own goals. So what is it that you want to achieve this year?
  2. Ex-Hasbeen

    2016 Goals, not New Year's Resolutions

    OK, this one is strictly for those goals you have for the coming year, related to the sport. They can be weight loss etc, as they relate to doing better. Mine for this year are all about swimming, as that's all I can do properly at the moment. I intend to swim 500km this year, break 20min for 1500m, and compete in at least 1 Masters Swimming event. I'm not setting any "target weights" this year. If it comes off, it comes off. I'm not setting any running goals either. I'm taking the "slowly, slowly" approach, and if I'm running at the end of the year I'll be happy.
  3. Recent posts have had comments which suggested that all triathletes are Dick Swingers that just love talking about themselves, the races they've done, and how good they are (or at least, how good they were). Lets test that theory! Ok, so this is your open invitation to tell us a bit about yourselves. What floats your triathlon boat. What were your best results, your favourite venues, and maybe your individual leg PB's. Maybe include your age (or current age group), time involved in the sport, and if you're a newbie what's your background or goals. It doesn't matter how good or bad you are, just non-gender specifically 'man-up' and put yourself out there. I get just as much inspiration from the BOP'rs as what I do from the pointy enders. And I think you'll be surprised at how good some of the people on this site are (or at least were). And as we all know... the older we get, the better we were!
  4. Hi everyone, i'll be doing my first triathlon at frankston on the w/e, i'm really nervous, does anyone have any last minute training tips, just to give me that edge over the others in my age group?
  5. a.davis12

    cycleops powertap training wheelset

    Up for sale is my very lightly used set of powertap training wheels. Wheels are: Rear: Cycleops SL+ 32h rear powertap hub laced with comp spokes to a dt rr4** rim, black spokes and rim front: cycleops front hub (has cool carbon cutouts and matches the rear.....mmmmmm symmetry) 32h laced to a mavic open pro rim 32h, black spokes and rim. Wheels have done at most 1000km. Selling them as i don't really like using power (call me not a triathlete), and i owe money to the man. Wheels will come with pair of very good condition Schwalbe ultremo DD tyres and a Dura-Ace 12-23 Cassette, (or a campag freehub body with no cassette if you are awesome and like campag). Wheels are true and round and have been owned by a bike mechanic (a proper one, not a "i work on my own bikes and therefore i am a mechanic" mechanic). Looking for around $1100 ONO. (including post) BUY THEM.