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Year of first Tri race?

Found 8 results

  1. I hope you all got some practice picking a successful team during the Spring classics. It's that time of year, when we start thinking about easing up the training, and watching Grand Tour stages through to the early hours of the morning. The Giro starts Friday next week with the first of 3 Individual Time Trials. Velogames is yet to set up their Giro entries, but that should happen over the next week. As soon as it does, I'll set up the League, and let everyone know the details. We'll once again carry points through the 3 Tours, so make sure you don't miss out on this one.
  2. It's that time of year again. The Giro starts in 2 days, and the late nights will commence (there goes my chance of swimming 50km) I'll be running the same comp a last year, with the 3 tour scores combined for a grand champion. I've set up a league: League Name: Transitions League Code: 07125939 Make sure you get in quick, as there's less than 48hrs left to enter. More details to follow. Roxii, could you perhaps pin this up top for a couple of days till entries close? Thanks
  3. First was the Greg Henderson tweet Now the Secret Pro http://cyclingtips.com.au/2015/06/the-secret-pro-on-the-giro-there-were-days-when-youd-just-despair/ "Simply put, this years Giro was the hardest race I (and pretty much all of my fellow riders) have ever done. It was as if every stage was a single-day race. ... wed trained, eaten and prepared for the race 100%; wed had the best form its humanly possible to achieve. And then we came up against guys who simply took the piss. When guys who, last season or even earlier this season were in your group or at your level take off up the road or put out that extra 30-40 watts..." Astana almost lose their licence, but don't Aru falls in a heap mid-Giro, but miraculously recovers to destroy Contador on the final 2 mountain stages. Landa next best. And Astana always had big numbers at the front in the mountains. Paul Kimmage and David Walsh would certainly be probing deeper than the UCI into this performance and rumour
  4. I'll put a disclaimer up front. I think the Giro is a much better race then le Tour. Overnight the stage winner was someone who is a relative unknown in the sport which is great to see. The new generation coming through. Only thing is, as you do a bit of a background check this kid was banned at a teenager for PED's This is exactly the level you want to weed these grubs out. The other thing which is almost laughable is the whole ASTANA team still having a UCI ticket.
  5. Niseko

    Mechanical Doping

    Seems like it is really a thing. Look at the way Ryder's bike comes to a halt here after a crash in the Vuelta last year and then speeds up and spins on an axis with the back wheel still moving. Tell me this video is not suss. Now Cippolini has repeated calls that Contador swapping bikes regularly is due to motors being inside. http://velonews.competitor.com/2015/05/news/contador-laughs-off-bike-motor-rumors-spread-by-cipollini_369990 Ex-sprinter Mario Cipollini made waves Wednesday when he suggested during the post-stage RAI TV broadcast that riders shouldn’t change their bikes mid-stage ahead of key mountaintop finales. Why? Cipollini suggested that it’s “bad for the image of cycling, because people think there’s a motor in it.” Read more at http://velonews.competitor.com/2015/05/news/contador-laughs-off-bike-motor-rumors-spread-by-cipollini_369990#Rg0IoLEpE2e1bpm4.99 And some similar claims about Contador from 2011 http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/8703/Guimard-claims-Contador-could-have-used-mechanical-doping-in-Giro-dItalia.aspx "In addition, electric bikes exist, this is not fiction, they work and very well. Microelectronics is very advanced today. When you are capable of eating rotten meat, then one is maybe capable of doing lots of other things...” Read more: http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/8703/Guimard-claims-Contador-could-have-used-mechanical-doping-in-Giro-dItalia.aspx#ixzz3aD2Tk8gH So what do we think? Hard to think these weasels would not do it because of their absent morals - so why wouldn't they use these motorised bikes?
  6. Folks, Thought I'd set upa seperate thread for the tipping comp, as the details will get lost on the other one as soon as it goes to the next page. Details of the Velogames league are as follows. Entries will close in the early hours of the morning tonight our time, so get in fast. League Details League Owner: Hasbeen Owner Email: Tony.E.Delisser@team.telstra.com League Name: Trannies League Code: 08233147 Link to Velogames is http://www.velogames.com/giro-ditalia/2014/ Hopefully we'll get a good turnout. There are currently 13 teams in the league. I've got an interesting perpetual trophy I think I will put up for the person with the best overall score for the 3 Grand Tours, so get in quick before it's too late.
  7. For Sale is my Giro Selector in a White and size M/L with Visor and Helmet Bag I have had this helmet for a little over a year. I have used it for 2 olympic distance races and 2 Half Ironmans plus a few times in training. No Scratches and NO signs of wear and tear. $200 - Pickup in Melbourne perfect for IM Melbourne, so anyone who wants one before the race just contact me. here is a pic of what it look like:
  8. Giro 1999: None waited for the Maglia Rosa Pantani after a flat tyre! he smoked it uphill and overtakes Jalabert, which reminds me: Is Laurent Jalabert racing this year in KONA 40-44, he raced recent Panama half. Anyone know???
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