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Year of first Tri race?

Found 34 results

  1. Tyno

    Garmin FR735 XT

    Saw DC Rainmaker tweet his review. http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/05/hands-on-with-the-new-garmin-fr735xt-triathlon-watch.html So, who is going to be first to upgrade? Looks a lot more wearable as a watch than previous models. Lower battery life and no quick release option seem the possible pitfalls.
  2. SOLD I got this for Christmas and I dont like it. the touch screen is hard to use when I rest my hands on it when riding the TT position. Used 3 times and still in AS NEW condition. Comes with original box and packaging, USB charging cable, rubber stem mounts and out front mount. Does NOT have heart rate strap or speed/cadence sensor. I am happy to sell it for a reasonable price. Was bought for me for Christmas and paid full retail price, which is $600. I would accept $500 for it. OR if someone would like to buy me a new Garmin 520 I would be happy with that. I can Post it anywhere or you can pickup in Melbourne. Postage is an extra $10.
  3. ...don't wear your Garmin that proves you cut the course Those pesky race photographers will catch you out.
  4. If I download an activity app like "single run field" how do I then get this to become my activity screen when I am running in place of the standard screen.
  5. Just wondering if anyone uses their Garmin to give alerts for power workouts. e.g. I want to do 10 minutes @ 200 watts. I tried setting a lower limit @ 190 and an upper @ 210 but because of the variability of power it just beeps at me the whole time! I would rather it alert based on the average to that point in the interval or a 30 second average or something for some smoothing but it seems to rely on instant or 3 second power? Any suggestions or set-ups welcome.
  6. Is it just me? I can't wear my vivoactive any more, I get a red burn from it. Underwhelmed by service from Garmin when I reported the problem. They suggest keeping skin dry (yeah right I'm a triathlete) and wearing it loose / higher or lower than usual. I expect more for my $330 investment. I changed the watch to the other wrist, same result on that side! I did have 11 months without any dramas. The burns I get are in line with power on button and only disappear when I use a steroid cream and discontinue use. Have photos, didn't want to put you off your cornflakes!
  7. Selling my Garmin Fenix 2 - $300 ONO Had for 11 months (Christmas present last year) with pretty light use. Not using it much anymore so decided to sell it. In full working order, no scratches or sign of wear. Looks like new. RRP - $565 but selling for $300.00 I will upload photos in the coming days, but it's exactly as it looks in Google search. Comes with the following: Original Box Heart Rate Monitor (Garmin HRM - Run Model) USB Cable to charge and Upload Training Files Spare Velcro Band + Tools to swap the band User Manuals and Warranty details (less than 1 month left on warranty) PM me if you're interested in the watch.
  8. Hoping someone may have a spare Garmin ANT stick they no longer need as mine has packed it in. Maybe someone has upgraded and has 2? I need it for a 910XT Cheers NSF
  9. clarkey

    Clarkey's EOFYS

    Garmin Edge 500 Blue GPS unit Garmin HR Monitor (hard strap) Garmin HR Monitor (premium soft strap) Speed/Cadence Sensor 2 x Stem Mounts 1 x Out in Front Mount USB Cable AC Charger $150 SOLD Tacx Antares T1000 Rollers $100 $80 $60 SOLD Oakley Heritage Ltd Ed Razorblades $125 (+ P&H) SOLD Aerolyte Mach 2 Tubular Carbon Wheelset 10 speed 11/23 Inc. Continental Competition 700 x 23 tyres & 2 x Scicon Wheelbags (In ready to race condition - glued/trued). $250 $200 SOLD S-Works Specialized Trivents size EU 38 $125 $100 Items located Brisbane/Sunshine Coast Area - Wheelset & Rollers preferably not to be shipped.
  10. Anyone else having issues with the 920 HR strap, the run metrics one? Mine had been fine then just stopped picking up. Washed the strap and changed battery (which is a right pain to do) and it seemed to pick up the strap. But then drops it a few minutes later and it doesn't come back!!!. Anyone have any ideas??
  11. Love gadgets but don't always use them to their advantage, or even use some of their features! So I've been thinking about pacing for Port (this will be important seeing as though bike training has been light on), I have Power which I will be using but was curious about this virtual racer thing. So my 2 Ports have been 5:41 and 5:43. I'd love a 5:30 but will take anther 5:40 or so. So I was thinking can I use this Virtual Racer thing? Not necessarily for pacing but as a screen I can flick to and look at and see if I'm up/down a couple of minutes at that specific point of the course. Anyone used it? Anyone used in a race?
  12. So once again I gumbied up on the 920XT and hit lap as I finished on the weekend, then realised and hit stop. So now in Connect its all screwed up, and has dropped T1 time and now my T1 is showing my bike time, my cycle is my T2 time and my T2 is my run time and my run is now that 1 second between the last lap press and stop. I cant find a way to edit this in Garmin Connect. HELP.
  13. Hi Folks For sale is my much loved Garmin Forerunner 910XT with (standard) HR strap, accessories and a bonus bike mount. Includes manuals, usb ANT+ dongle, charger etc. Everything is complete and in perfect condition, very well looked after. Selling before my wife kills me (!) to fund an upgrade to the 920XT. Available for only $220 (collect in Melbourne) or with postage of your choice added to other locations. Cheers, Paul A few pics here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B11JdNFkRojcbEFnVDEyM2lIYnc&authuser=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B11JdNFkRojcOUlISUZVdFJsTFE&authuser=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B11JdNFkRojcd3MwaUNLd1dkeDg&authuser=0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B11JdNFkRojcRTRnUGVzVTRhT2c&authuser=0
  14. Not sure if everyone else picked up on this but as a Chrissy present Garmin did some pretty substantial updates to the firmware for the Edge 1000, 810 and 510 models. As usual DC Rainmaker gives a pretty good overview here. Some good stuff in there if you are running Garmin Vectors, or have a Shimano D-Fly unit. http://www.dcrainmaker.com/2014/12/5108101000-dynamics-segments.html
  15. onesock

    Suunto Vs Garmin

    I am thinking of getting a Suunto Ambit2 with HRM as opposed to a Garmin Forerunner 910. Any thoughts?
  16. Looks like they have Stages pricepoint firmly in their sights. http://www.bikeradar.com/road/news/article/garmin-vector-s-left-pedal-power-meter-42140/
  17. I did some kicking in my 3k swim set yesterday, and my 910 detected these laps as 'rest'... Does anyone know if you can change how this is represented in Garmin Connect?
  18. Dolphy

    Help with devices

    Hey guys, As I have entered Port Mac for next year, I thought I should start getting back into some training with devices. I haven't used a HR monitor for years, and I haven't really kept up with the technology. At Reddog we do a few WT sessions where we concentrate on HR and Cadence. Of which - I can't track either! I've been using perceived effort for a long time now, but I just wonder how accurate my perceived effort is - as a 40 year old compared to when I was 30! I know the Garmin 910 is the ducks nuts of training devices, but it's so big and bulky and I have tiny wrists. So I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what other devices I could use to track my HR and my Cadence??? I would actually prefer something that doesn't require a strap across your chest - but I just don't think that technology has been developed yet! I currently have a Garmin Forerunner 10, which does not have any extra features I can purchase, and I have stock standard computer on my bike's. I also have an iPhone - someone was talking to me about the iBike app - but I've got now idea how that works! Thanks
  19. GARMIN FORERUNNER 405 - BLACK - $170 $150 (NEG. incl POSTAGE) AS NEW CONDITION - BARELY USED. INCLUDES ALL CONNECTIONS/CABLE AND DATA CORDS & GARMIN HRM. IN-DEPTH PRODUCT REVIEW https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/fitness-products/discontinued/forerunner-405/prod11039.html
  20. Hey Guys Getting rid of some old tri gear of mine For sale: 2 x Blue Helix wet suit $130 each 405 Garmin forerunner $150 Spiuk aero helmet $90 SIDI tri shoes $150 Oakley radars $60 For further details/pictures please feel free to inbox me or give us a buzz on 0431283481 Cheers Shauno
  21. Got an old Garmin lying around? Need another one so I don't have to share with the Mrs.
  22. Mango

    FS: Garmin 310xt

    I have my used but still in perfect working condition 310xt for sale. It comes with the USB ant+ stick, USB charging cable and AC wall socket. $160 including postage to anywhere in Australia and it's all yours. Reason for sale is I received a nice shiny 910xt as an early Christmas present
  23. Looking to pickup a soft strap Garmin heart rate monitor, possibly a cadence sensor as well - but only as an afterthought If you have one sitting around that you want to get rid of drop me a line and let me know how much you want for it Cheers Sutts
  24. Too many gadgets and time to lighten the load. Selling a Garmin Edge705. Comes with A/C charger, USB cable, Bike mount and manuals. $180 ono Can organise pickup Sydney or post at buyer expense.
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