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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Hello Mark, or Fozzy, as I understand your boss calls you that, so it must be ok. Foz, per agreement, you will be here in the AM...before we start give us a quick clarification/differentiation between you and IronmanFoz....they are 2 different characters, right? Do you know the other one? 1. Foz, what's your professional resume...briefly, I know you have worked and raced in many different countries...you are probably a consultant, engineer? Ok, you did tell me, so briefly what do you do. You can talk about training in different countries if you want. 2. And sports wise, I think you were a runner. So how did you get into triathlon, when and where? 3. I'm calling you Single/Divorced or Separated/Currently in a relationship...would you care to comment...if not move to the next question. 4. A good friend of yours describes you as riotous, a laugh every minute, with never a serious moment, but perhaps I can say you are highly motivated...goal orientated, with a serious focus underneath. How would you describe yourself? Now you can't just say, somewhere in the middle, without elaborating. 5. Mark you did 11:07 at Cairns, a 1 hr 33 min PB....that took you into a zone, I believe, and for the first time you dared to dream abut Kona. But a quick mental calculation suggests you have a bit to find. So breaking it down, where are you going to trim about an hour..I say an hour because you frittered a bit of time at Cairns...but anyway, break it down...how will you bring it down under 10 hours? 6. Hmmm, not sure what you said. But with a marathon PB of 3:29, and a respectable 3:57, IM, one strategy would be to add some focus to the stand alone marathon time......would you agree? How about time management issues? And if you didn't mention it above, how are you going to get to Kona? 7. You do have a coach, Rod Cedaro, specifically what would he say about that? And speaking of Rod, what kind of group does he run? Based where? What percentage of the training is social v serious. How would it compare to a group like AP's....AP has gotten results with less of a fun element...so for you which is more important? Keep in mind that you are currently obsessed with the sport, and a hard task master like Pitman might push you closer to your goals. Maybe what I'm really saying, is if you could get with a coach who could virtually guarantee you a Kona slot, would you change? That's not against Cedaro, it's merely a question. 8 A & B...the two Lisas? A. Lisa "Sunnygirl", this lady has missed Kona by one place or one roll down, 3 times. Now take a look at what you have written above, what would she have to do to get that slot? And while on that, talk abut the whole gang from the Cairns Challenge..Clown Boy, Coffs Pete, SexyTrimum..others...what will they bring to the table as a group in the future? Any plans? Mention other names if I forgot. B. Lisa "Dragon Tatoo Lady"..given that you will hook up again in Hong Kong....was that a legitimate racing tactic, tagging along with her on the run at Cairns...or a cleverly disguised ploy to meet her, sacrificing 10 minutes of race time in the process? 9. Mark, when you request a handicap time in a given race, you have to accept the handicap time assigned by the handicapper. So given that you wanted a "piece" of Yo Yo. The allowance is 45 mins over the Cairns course or at Port Mac, if Yo Yo goes there. Given , you are rapidly improving, it should not be a problem, right? 10. Mark, summarising everything you mentioned above...what's the window you would allow yourself to fulfill your goals? Thanks...and now for the Bonus Q's. 1. You are a Yorkshireman who doesn't play cricket, so take a stab at this. You are batting and the ball hits you on the glove, then onto the body and falls into the pad. Fieldsman runs in and extracts the ball from the pad,,,they appeal for a catch. Is that out? Leave this one if you don't know, someone else will answer. 2. Playing golf in a strong wind, quite a few branches have fallen into the bunkers.So your ball is under a branch and you have no shot. The branch extends both inside and outside the bunker..can you move it?
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