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Year of first Tri race?

Found 4 results

  1. Hi Guys I'm originally from Denmark but have lived in Sydney for 6 months - quit like it here, just a nightmare biking arround which I really like to do alot of hours a week. Haven't been to Melbourne, but might make a move in the future or atleast swing by for a few weeks. I heard Melbourne is alot better is this true? More (or any) critiriums?, less traffic? More enclosed bike Paths? Etc. If any of you guys know both cities and have a good understanding on how they compare, I would really appriciate your thoughs:)'
  2. A couple of posts recently got me to thinking about consistency across the 3 main components of a triathlon. It's no good being the fastest swimmer & rider, if you run 10km in 70 minutes, and likewise a fast swimmer and runner if you ride like my grandmother. I was always happy that my 3 legs were fairly consistent. I'm probably a little slow on the bike compared to the other 2, but don't really have a shocker in any. An example would be my last HIM. AG placings were 14th swim, 10th bike, 5th run. I'm happy the swim, as I probably averaged 2 swims a week for 3 months, and nothing for years before that. I looked at my AG results, and in the top 10 total of the AG, 6 were top 10 swim (worst was 38th), 6 were top 10 bike (worst was 17th), and 6 were top 10 run (worst was 16th). Most telling was of the top 5, 6th was the worst run place. Maybe that saying "ride for show, run for doe" really is true. Who else is "consistent", and who has wildly fluctuating level across the 3?
  3. Hi there Up in Coogee for a weeks holiday. Brought the bike but no car. Want to do a few training rides, ideally looking to cover distances between 50km and 120km with as little stop start as possible (wishful thinking maybe!!). Really appreciate any tips and advice on where to go. Many thanks. J
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