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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. So I finally got around to seeing a Cardiologist for screening before I do my first Ironman in a few months. I've done numerous 70.3s and marathons and 6-foot track, but I was mindful of the full day nature of ironman so thought I should be careful. Never had any problems, apart from slightly elevated BP which I take meds for. Resting HR, like most of you, is usually 40. ECGs, cholesterol etc etc all normal. I've always been told I had a big heart on chest xrays, or cardiomegaly, which was first picked up when I joined the RAAF, but was always told that this was because I was running 80-100ks a week regualrly. Have developed a noticeable shortness of breath over past few months, which I thought was a slow recovery from bronchitis. Any way, after being sent to a respiratory physician, and back to the cardiologist, and CT scans and breathing tests, they are now worried that I have increased wall thickness of my left ventricle and, coupled with the respiratory symptoms, might indicate I have Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy. No other symptoms, though, other than shortness of breath. Have been lined up for an MRI and further tests, including a referral to a cardiologist at RPA in Sydney. Needless to say I have been told to stop racing and strenuous sport until this is investigated. I don't feel anything is wrong, but am mindful of the risk of sudden cardiac death from HOCM, so as a result I am happy to stop racing for a while given I have three young children who would prefer I stayed around. I can't imagine the feeling of being told I can no longer race triathlons or run, which I know several trannies have faced in the past and a lot of famous athletes have also had to contend with. What I don't want, however, is to be 'retired' by a Cardiologist that hates endurance sport, and there are a few of those around. So (to cut to the chase) what I am trying to find is if anyone has a recommendation for a Cardiologist in NSW or ACT who is actually triathlon and running friendly and who will understand what we go through and won't just consign me to golf and cricket (which was the recommendation of my current cardiologist, even though I still don't have a diagnosis!!!) I'm also happy to travel interstate if someone knows someone outside of NSW. Thanks for your help.
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