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Year of first Tri race?

Found 1 result

  1. Hey AP. Another Kona in the books and quite a bit more to talk about. May I encourage you to elaborate fully each question. Starter Question first. When was the last time you held regular employment? And what kind of work did you do? Thanks Al. 1. AP, when I first joined the forum I heard you described as "Hawaii Age Group legend, Alan Pitman" That was 8 years ago, but I think the label still fits. I'm estimating 13-14 Kona appearances, 5 podiums, I thought you had a win, but I'm not sure. Could you update those numbers please? Kona results only. 2, Now Al, since you have to qualify like anyone else. How would you strategise that looking ahead over the next few years. What races will you select? And how many races would you do in a 12 month period? 3. AP. Going back a few years, let's say 15 years ago, a lot of us looked ahead, thinking that the upper age divisions would be winnable if we just stayed in the sport long enough. Now how has that changed over the years? 4. So again, looking ahead, going into 65-69, any specific goals for next year? 5. AP. You have been credited with mentoring Pete Jacobs. Is that correct, you mentored Pete, rather than actually coaching him? I'm assuming he might have his own coach. So how did that all come about and how did the relationship gel? 6. So which of the above gives you more pride? Standing on the podium yourself, or watching PJ go up as champion? Either way it must be incredible. So which is better for you? 7. So again on Pete, I do recall a lot of people from the Nth suburbs of Sydney, Ben Larsen, Jimmy C and others did feel Pete would win someday. So as the guard may change in the next few years, and Pete is young enough, how far will he take that? Could he win 5 or 6? 8. Thanks Alan. I want to ask you about power numbers. Your a pretty big advocate of power data, yet a guy like Jacobs apparently doesn't even look at the numbers, except when shown the data later. How important is that particular technology in racing? 9. Al, coaching wise you might have a chance to go higher, but at 64, I wonder, is the window still open for you to move up? Let's say in the mold of other coaches who have taken on more pro's, more elite triathletes? is that on the cards or not? 10. OK. I'm thinking specifically of your mate Tony "Jabbs" Unicomb here. Tony and a few others do go on about how great triathlon was back in the good old days, let's say in the '80's. Do you buy into any of that? The Bonus Question. Yo Yo was sighted at Kona in some fairly elite company. When will the Yo actually fulfill this potential you talked about in your previous 10 Q's? Is he a late developer? Thanks Al. We haven't discussed a few of your favourite subjects. Use of supplements, worming and the ability to HTFU. I think they have been overdone so I left them out. So may I also ask you to continue taking questions from the forum?
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