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Year of first Tri race?

Found 35 results

  1. Guest

    2018 numbers - Swing ya d1ck time

    OK How did we all go this year. Yes yes it's not over yet but ffs close enough for me. Swim - 396.98km Bike - 6979km Run - 1263km Happy with that. Although my small ocd has me wanting to round off those figures 🤣🤣👍
  2. Trek Madone 4.7, Shimano 105, 58cm carbon frame. $700 ono I'll be using it to race at Noosa and then will no longer need it so can meet there or somewhere around Brisbane. I'm coming to the end of my working holiday, I've thought about taking it home (UK) but have too many bikes there! I also have a helmet, lights, track pump, sidi shoes, bib shorts, jersey and car rack if interested
  3. Good morning to all the triathlete or future ones :). My name is Marco, I am new to the forum turning 47 in few months and I have a dream, finishing 5 Ironman in 5 continents by the age of 50. I do consider myself as an average normal guy but with a huge passion for triathlon. I will attend my first Ironman next year in Italy (Ironman Emilia-Romagna), anybody did it or is planning to do it? Other reason of this thread is to connect with triathlete that share the same passion and maybe have the chance to train with some of them. I am living in Krakow (Poland), so if you are in the area please drop a line and meet for some good training :).
  4. trinube

    Wee Day Out

    Watch to the end to see some out-takes, he must crash a lot getting what he does
  5. Hoping someone knows a company that can transfer my bike from Melbourne to IM Cairns? I've searched Pyebikes and Velotrans and both don't appear to exist anymore. I had been relying on tribike transfer but they aren't doing transfers from Melbourne. Any suggestions would be great!
  6. Saw this product online today, looks like a good product to help with safety.
  7. First beam bikes making a comeback and now this bike that looks like the old Lotus/ BP Stealth bikes appears For more read the story on Lava magazine. http://lavamagazine.com/leaked-first-look-at-the-ventum-tri-bike/
  8. Looks like the Mrs is keen to get me a FatBike (damn shame ) but I know next to nothing about them. My old MTB is over 12 years old and nearly dead so its good timing. It will mainly be used for beach riding as a safe option for holiday training (seven mile beach) and general tooling around. So after a cheap serviceable option. What size would I be in a Fat bike? I ride a 56cm roadie and a 54cm TT bike but not sure on MTB sizing.
  9. Hi I've just joined the triathlon family, completing the Trithegong Olympic distance. I competed on a Cell road bike I found in a bin... Just changed the front wheel and the pedals. The problem is that the frame is a size 59.5cm and I'm 1.73m. Hence the urgency to find a new bike since I registered to the Port Stephen Olympic and Cairns Ironman 79.3. I spent my Saturday morning going from one bike shop to another in Sydney. I want a bike a can train and race with. I short listed 3 bikes that suit my budget ($4,000 max for the bike and race wheel - if the bike is not already equipped): - Felt AR3 - $2,700 (Ultegra / Shimano RS31) - Cervelo S3 - $3,800 (Ultegra / Mavic Cosmic Elite S) - Giant Propel Advanced Pro 1 $3,700 (Ultegra / Giant P-SLR0 Aero; 55mm deep full-composite ) Can I please ask you expert advise? Any tip or experience is welcomed as I can't make my mind. Re the Felt I would maybe add and extra set of wheels to race. Also with my height being in between 51 cm and 54 cm, is there a best option considering the type of usage I will have. Thanks a lot for your help, I know choosing a bike is personal but I'm not familiar enough with the technical side of things to make a quick decision. Thom
  10. On Elite Energy's facebook page yesterday they posted that There was no reference to a TA ruling or anything similar, does anyone know if this is across the board or an Elite Energy thing only?
  11. Yup, me again! I'm hoping to get some feedback and thoughts from the power geeks and possibly encourage a bit of discussion around pacing and adjusting the effort from this weekend's race to be able to run well off a 180km ride in 9 weeks time. I know there are quite a few of us on the same boat who have used this race as a bit of a benchmark to see where we are at with our training as the build up to Busso starts (9 weeks to go!) so hopefully this will be useful to others too. I am also interested in working out if it is possible to estimate my CdA based on the data from this ride with the goal of making some tweaks to my "aeroness" (if required) over the next few weeks. I've tried fishboy's power calculator but I am not sure if I understand how it works... I never really pay much attention to anything other than my average power for a given distance / effort as way of measuring how I've been riding so I am sure there are some little gems hidden somewhere in those power files that you guys might be able to point out. I also don't understand TSS / VI / IF at all so don't really know if this is relevant at all when analysing my race. Overall I feel like I paced the bike well this weekend, if not a little bit too hard. I stayed aero for pretty much 99% of the ride, only getting off the bars on the few steeper climbs and at the turn arounds for a quick stretch. I did suffer a bit on the first lap of the run (abductor cramps) and feel like I could've run 3-5 minutes better off a slightly more conservative bike. In saying that I don't really know if I'd be making up much of the time I would've lost on the bike by running only 3-5 minutes faster so maybe I did get the pacing right? At the moment my FTP is sitting at around 290W and I weight 77-78kg. Here's the raw data from my ride, followed by the graph & quadrant analysis. Your thoughts and comments would be much appreciated TSS 241 VI 1.04 IF 0.84 35.8km/h average Average Power 233W (3.02 w/kg) 80% of FTP Normalised 242W (3.14 w/kg) 83% of FTP Peak 5min 266W Peak 10min 260W Peak 20min 248W Peak 30min 244W Peak 60min 241W Average HR 150 MaxHR 162 MinHR 133 Average Cadence 87rpm Cheers, Rog
  12. Hey guys, what's on the shopping list for the new season and/ or Christmas coming up? I will use this list to try and harass some suppliers to get some info and hopefully some gear to test and review which I hope some of you can help me with. So what's on the wish list?
  13. Ritchey WCS UD Carbon Interval Base Bar. Very limited use. Never dropped. No marks. Suit new buyer 31.8 x 60mm drop x 400mm wide and 190gms WCS Carbon Interval base bar complies with the International Cycling Union’s (UCI) "3:1" bicycle design regulation so it can be used for TT. Super low aggressive position. http://ritcheylogic.com/wcs-carbon-interval-base-bar.html Pickup Balgownie 2519 NSW or post at buyers expense $200 - also open to offers if the Trannie community think this is too high (RRP $500 AU @ Pushys)
  14. Obviously not happy with what the organisers and sponsors are providing, so this bloke is geared up with his own (very fresh) provisions...
  15. Australian Quadrathlon Championships 3km Swim, 20km Run, 80km Bike, 26km Paddle. (Murray Quad - Yarrawonga to Tocumwal) Is anyone else silly enough to be doing this event, or am I the only one??? Just wondering what the course is like... Is the swim likely to be over 14 degrees? Is the run course likely to be muddy? Is the bike road surface good? Is there a rescue squad in that area? Not that it really matters, I'll be flat out even getting to the start line!
  16. Tossing up whether to buy a 2nd hand spin bike (Star Trac < $300) or buy an old banger bike for around the same price to put on the JetBlack trainer I already have. Much rather be out riding, ride to work and most weekends, but there are plenty of times when I could sneak in a 30-60 minute session. Neither option is particularly 'life like' and I'm not that bothered to look at rollers or the flexi-trainers for more realistic feel. Have nutted out the obvious pros and cons, what else am I missing ? Spin + More adjustable (and without swapping parts), so the Mrs might use it too + Takes up less space (but weighs a ton) + All the cool kids seem to have one + Sell the JB trainer to offset spin bike cost - Maintenance/spares ? Do they use normal bike parts? - The 'dial up' resistance seems wildly variable Bike/Trainer + Already have the trainer and old/spare tyres, just need a bike to leave on it and not wreck good bike/tyres + Emergency bike if needed (but unlikely) + Indexed gears for more consistent effort increase/decrease
  17. Moving to Germany so need to start clearing out the excess gear! Will post pics soon. Happy to be told if prices aren’t reasonable. Also happy to package if people want stuff together (e.g. bike and PT or wheels or whatever). All items located in Canberra and can posted at buyers expense. 1. Powertap SL+ hub built in an open pro rim. Has been mostly sitting in the garage since I got my quarq. Was using for races with the wheel cover. Cover is included, but has a couple of kinks, thought I was still using it. Next ride will put it on and compare with my quarq. Also have joule 1.0 which can be include if required ($50). $500 2. Powertap wired. Comes with mounting harness (x2) and computer (LYC). One button on the LYC is a little dicky, but still works. $250 3. Dura ace 7900 Crankset, 172.5 53/39 $200 4. Guru Crono 53cm time trial frame/bike. Open to selling as a frame only ($600), or as a complete bike. A few small paint chips and small scratches but overall pretty good condition. Complete bike can include Ultegra cranks/shifters/derailleur’s/Brakes, Profile bars, Arione seat $1000 5. Handlebars a. Carbon bars $150 b. Zipp Vuka $200 6. Zipp 404 carbon front wheel clincher (older style non dimpled) $150 7. Sram S80 Wheelset $500 8. Giant Trance x1 frame, medium with RP2 shock. White with Vertical shock mount $250 9. XT 9 Speed shifters (nearly new) $45 10. Avid Juicy 7 brakes (nearly new), complete, one side lever is upside down as I ordered from the US. $100 11. Giant Anthem X1, 26” in wheels, Fox 32 fork, RP23 rear shock medium. Older red one with horizontal shock mount $600 12. Elite Trainer - Chrono force inertial $100 13. Serfas hard bike case $100 https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/102936878428749159678/albums/5949361057382684081
  18. Hey Guys Looking for a quick sale on my 2011 Cervelo P3. Ive done 1 race on it and only about 4 months consistent training on it due to injury and taking a break away from the sport. Sad to see it go but I would rather see it get some use then just sitting here Specs: Dura ace group set fizik saddle 3T bars Ultegra peddles shimano RS30 wheels Rotor cranks 56cm frame Carbon frame Inbox for pictures and further details or contact me on 0431283481 $2500 and its yours Cheers Shauno
  19. Had my Scott Plasma 2010 TT bike and barely used Easton EC90mm race wheels for sale on here a while ago, they have now gone to auction on ebay. If anyone may be interested here are the links. Bike; http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Scott-Plasma-TT-Bike-2010-Durace-/131017978435?pt=AU_Cycling_New_&hash=item1e8147b243&_uhb=1 Wheels: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Easton-EC90-TT-Race-Wheels-/131014854502?pt=AU_Sport_Cycling_Parts&hash=item1e81180766&_uhb=1 Cheers, CJ
  20. $140 These are brand new unused in the box. Only selling because my fiance bought the wrong size shoes as a present. About the shoes: High performance triathlon shoes with a single oversized strap design for fast transitions & extra security. The Shimano SH-TR5 triathlon shoes are designed to meet the relentless demands of Triathlon with high ventilation, seamless interiors and quick drying mesh for super comfort without socks. Features reinforced heel cup and outsole pads for added protection, lightweight carbon fibre composite sole is lightweight and extremely rigid, maximising power transfer. Upper: Supple synthetic leather and 3D moisture control mesh Oversized strap design for fast transitions & extra security Chloroprene-reinforced heel cup maintains heel structure Structural toe box vents for pedaling stability through transition Last: Close-to-foot fit last Sole: Hollow lightweight carbon fibre composite Heel loop Seamless interior for added comfort 3 bolt cleat pattern I'm based in a few km's north of Brisbane CBD, but can organise to meet in CBD, somewhere else or I can send via post. $140
  21. Hi All, After a couple months of wandering around through the local bike shops I've decided to ask for some help and direction from Transitions members based in South Australia. Every bike shop I go into seems to have limited knowledge about TT/Tri bikes and I'm looking for advice on who I should be going to see. A bit of background - I've been involved in the last couple of years, mostly sprint and olympic distance. Towards the end of this year and next year I'm stepping up to HIM's with the goal to competing in the full distance end of 2014. I've been using my second hand roadie with clip-on bars and need an upgrade. But I figure that if I'm going to upgrade I may as well get a tri-specific bike as the roadie will still be ok for weekend training, group rides etc. This is where I start running into problems; I understand it's all about 'the bike that fits' - So where can I go in Adelaide for independent advice and even bike recommendations based on my measurements? I don't want to go somewhere that only deals in 2 brands etc but do want to see someone with TT fit experience and that can point me in the right direction in terms of which bike. I feel limited with what choices I have in terms of access to someone who knows a lot about TT bikes across all brands. Who is out there in Adelaide I can talk to? I even went to a place with 'Road, Track & Triathlon Direct' but they didn't seem to have much in the way of TT bikes either. Hence I'm feeling a bit lost. I have a budget of $3K for the bike and hoping to get a deal on some wheels to bring it to just under $4K. I know that's still at the lower end but that's where I'm at. So far for some reason I keep coming across Fuji's - an old D6 2.0 heavily discounted but my size (I think) and the new Norcom Straight 2.3. But I'm wary because there is not much chat around yet about the new ones and I don't want to get something that turns out to be a dud. From what I can gather there are better options out there that the old D6 as well. I was also looking at the felts but they are sold out of last years and haven't released anything yet. Should I be waiting for the 2014 bikes? I don't really want to buy other than from the LBS, unless I'm absolutely certain it's the right bike etc. I consider myself to be fairly average in terms of measurements, I'm 182cm and don't have an exceptionally long torso or exceptionally long legs etc. This is a long term decision for me and I'm trying to gather as much info as possible, just finding it hard in Adelaide for some reason and I'm thinking I'm not talking to the right people. Thanks!
  22. Hi All, I have signed up to my first couple of tri's this year and need to purchase a bike. I have 2 bikes in mind but dont know which one I should go for as I am hearing conflicting stories about the bike from each store. I dont want to get a full TT bike as I may decide to do some road racing in the future and want a bike that can possibly do both. Anyone know anything about the pro Specializer Venge or the Giant Propel and which would be a better option for an Ironman if any? Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hey Guys I'm selling a 2011 Cervelo P3, a set of 1080/808 tubular ZIPP wheel set and a brand new pair of Sidi T2 triathlon shoes. I have simply lost motivation due to reoccurring injuries and am packing up stumps (for now anyway). The bike was bought less then a year ago brand new and have only been able to do 1 race on it. It is still in really good condition and has been the best bike I have owned. Good bike for all levels of competition. Cervelo P3 Specs: Dura ace gearing components Fizik Saddle Rotor Cranks Ultegra peddles 3T Auro-Pro TT bars 56cm Frame RS30 shimano wheel set Bottle cage Zipp wheel specs: Rear 1080 tubular Front 808 tubular 1 x zipp tire 1 x continental tire 1 x zipp skewer SIDI Shoe specs: size 46 2012 SIDI T2 Silver and black Brand new 2 straps Prices: Cervelo P3 - $3500 Cervelo + Zipps - $5300 Zipps - $1900 Shoes - $250 If interested PM me or throw me a message on 0431283481 (computer wont let me upload pictures so let me no and I can email you some) Shauno
  24. The wife and I are buying new bikes and as a result we are selling the bikes we have. Her bike is a: 46cm 2006 Azzurri Uno Aluminium. My wife is 168cm tall. Columbus alloy Full Shimano 105 Look racing pedals - red (apparently they are the wrong colour for the bike...keep them or take them off!) Carbon front fork Shimano wheels - R500 Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres FSA 90mm stem FSA alloy bars 39/53 chainring 170mm crank This is a great bike for someone wanting to start out. It is in really good condition, well maintained and hasn't been ridden a lot. The only scratches are on the rear derailleur wear my wife clipped in and fell over. The only thing that is not for sale is the saddle pictured. I will put another saddle on it (FSA). I'm looking for $500 plus postage if I have to send it anywhere. I'll get the LBS to pack and send it and can give you an exact price. Photos: https://plus.google....CMLe8pTrzImy0QE PM me if you are interested.
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