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Year of first Tri race?

Found 2 results

  1. I live in Adelaide. I currently ride a road bike for Ironman distance triathlons and I am looking at moving to a proper TT bike. I am never going to ride a super fast time, I just want to improve my time a bit and be more comfortable for the ride and the run afterwards. So looking at a mid-range TT bike. My budget is $4000, but obviously I would prefer to go under as I know I am going to need to buy some new wheels and a few other things like a bike computer and bottle cages etc. I have just gone into these stores to see what they have, I haven't gone about getting myself measured. The problem with all of these stores is that they only sell 1 brand of bike, so I think they will try to sell me the bike before determining whether it will actually fit. They generally say "you will fit a Large", rather than "based on your reach length, leg length you would fit x and y bikes but not z bike". Maybe that will come when I actually get fitted for a bike rather than just inquiring about them. Cervelo P3 with Ultegra = $4900 (no discount so far). Has a very nice frame, but seems quite expensive. http://www.cervelo.com/en/bikes/p-series/p3.html Giant Trinity Composite 1 with Ultegra = $3200, discounted to $2800. The cheapest of the lot, looks decent quality, visually its ok. http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-in/bikes/model/trinity.composite.1/15204/67045/ Trek Speed Concept 7.5 with Ultegra = $4500 (no discount so far). Looks very nice but a little bit expensive. http://www.trekbikes.com/us/en/bikes/road/triathlon/speed_concept_7_series/speed_concept_7_5/ Scott Plasma 20 with Ultegra = $4400, discounted to $3600. This is my LBS and where I bought my road bike. Visually its ok, the seat-post doesn't look very aero. There aren't many reviews for this bike either. http://www.scott-sports.com/global/en/products/227799023/bike-plasma-20-l56/ Specialized Shiv OSSB Frameset with Shiv Expert 2012 components with Dura Ace. $4500. They don't have any Shiv Experts in my size until mid-January so they offered to get in a Shiv OSSB Frameset and put the components from a Shiv Expert 2012 they had in the store. Visually the frame looks ok. But its a bit out of my price range. That price was "the best they could do". http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bikes/road/shiv/shiv-pro-osbb-frameset Other brands still to research. Cannondale (Slice), Felt (DA4), BMC?, Focus?, Merida? Avanti(although these bikes seem expensive for what they are). Does anyone have any strong opinions on either of these bikes? Does anyone have the Giant bike - while the guy in the Giant store had a good explanation why the Giant was way cheaper than the others (they dont have any middlemen), I am always concerned when something is too good to be true. I am almost leaning towards going to my LBS and getting the Scott Plasma 20, but how it looks doesnt really do it for me. Confused..... too many choices...
  2. Hi All, After a couple months of wandering around through the local bike shops I've decided to ask for some help and direction from Transitions members based in South Australia. Every bike shop I go into seems to have limited knowledge about TT/Tri bikes and I'm looking for advice on who I should be going to see. A bit of background - I've been involved in the last couple of years, mostly sprint and olympic distance. Towards the end of this year and next year I'm stepping up to HIM's with the goal to competing in the full distance end of 2014. I've been using my second hand roadie with clip-on bars and need an upgrade. But I figure that if I'm going to upgrade I may as well get a tri-specific bike as the roadie will still be ok for weekend training, group rides etc. This is where I start running into problems; I understand it's all about 'the bike that fits' - So where can I go in Adelaide for independent advice and even bike recommendations based on my measurements? I don't want to go somewhere that only deals in 2 brands etc but do want to see someone with TT fit experience and that can point me in the right direction in terms of which bike. I feel limited with what choices I have in terms of access to someone who knows a lot about TT bikes across all brands. Who is out there in Adelaide I can talk to? I even went to a place with 'Road, Track & Triathlon Direct' but they didn't seem to have much in the way of TT bikes either. Hence I'm feeling a bit lost. I have a budget of $3K for the bike and hoping to get a deal on some wheels to bring it to just under $4K. I know that's still at the lower end but that's where I'm at. So far for some reason I keep coming across Fuji's - an old D6 2.0 heavily discounted but my size (I think) and the new Norcom Straight 2.3. But I'm wary because there is not much chat around yet about the new ones and I don't want to get something that turns out to be a dud. From what I can gather there are better options out there that the old D6 as well. I was also looking at the felts but they are sold out of last years and haven't released anything yet. Should I be waiting for the 2014 bikes? I don't really want to buy other than from the LBS, unless I'm absolutely certain it's the right bike etc. I consider myself to be fairly average in terms of measurements, I'm 182cm and don't have an exceptionally long torso or exceptionally long legs etc. This is a long term decision for me and I'm trying to gather as much info as possible, just finding it hard in Adelaide for some reason and I'm thinking I'm not talking to the right people. Thanks!
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