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Year of first Tri race?

Found 20 results

  1. Buggeracup

    Brownlee 70.3

    Results are here; http://m.eu.ironman.com/triathlon/events/americas/ironman-70.3/st.-george/results.aspx Very impressive performance from Alistar overnight in the US Championship. Basically second out of the water and then put big time into everyone on the bike with the exception of Kinele and Sanders while riding completely solo (unlike the others) on a very tough and hilly course. Then he cruised the run course and looked very comfortable doing enough to get the win and not looking like he would blow out a candle in his post race interview. Personally i I think this proves that the top ITU guys are in another league across all distances with the exception of IM. In reality, the top guys in the sport focus on ITU because that is where the prizemoney and sponsorship is and the guys who can't cut it, or as they age, make the transition to long course. Let's face it, even Frodeno only ever won two ITU races, he was just lucky that one of those managed to jag him an Olympic Gold. My thoughts are that if all of Brownlee (x2), Gomez, Mola, Murray, Frodeno, Sanders, Kinele all toe the line in tip-top shape at any 70.3 championship then the ITU guys are going to wipe the floor with them. Ironman is a different kettle of fish though potentially.......
  2. Hi Trannies. I’m a relative newbie on the forum and have been following a number of discussions with interest. I tried to find an existing thread which answered my queries, but couldn’t exactly get what I’m after. Apologies if there is one and it slipped by my searching! Scenario So I’m hoping for some more experienced advice for an upcoming race. I’m planning ahead for my third 70.3 at the Sunny Coast in 2017 and trying to figure out a plan of attack. In this event my A goal is sub 5 hours and B goal is as close to 5 as possible. I’ve raced at this event previously in a time of 5:17 (~38 min swim, ~2:35 bike, ~1:58 run + transitions etc). For this I trained 6 days a week on a beginner program, cut all alcohol and dropped 10kg. Sessions were roughly: Ride 4 times per week, swim twice a week and run 2-3 times a week. I did this for about 6 months. I’d imagine I’d do something similar again, however this is complicated by the fact that I have eardrum surgery mid-April which will mean probably no swimming for up to two months. Current regime Not exactly fit, but just did Tweed Coast Enduro (in a terrible time, but completed nonetheless). Annoyingly overweight due to fondness for beer but will remove from diet starting April. Already ride two-three times a week with one windtrainer coached session – around 150-200k weekly. Swim – once a week (will increase to twice a week and training with a squad). Run – run about 15-20km a week but unfocused – mostly tempo speed running. Realise I will have to change my schedule drastically to get ready for Sunny Coast. Questions My questions are (given the above scenario and regime) What is generally considered the ideal training program in terms of duration leading up to a 70.3? (eg. 8 weeks, 12 weeks) I’m probably going to get a plan (either something off training peaks [Matt Fitzgerald?] though Sansego.com plans look interesting). Something like a beginner progressing to intermediate plan. Has anyone had personal experience with a plans that works considering my goals and my current regime? (Would love a coach, but $$$ can’t stretch as I’m looking to buy a new TT bike). Am I better to continue doing consistent but not exactly focused training until late June with an aim on dropping weight and getting fit before progressing into dedicated training? Any expert advice appreciated!
  3. I'm picking Burger to back up from Dubai. I reckon Appo will struggle to hang with Josh on bike and if he does, his run will be off. Josh ran a 1:14 at Dubai off a solid bike - so his run is improving. Podium Josh Appo Willy Kudos to Jake M on return to 70.3 racing. Should be a great race all round!
  4. Catch up with Lachies race report from Sunny Coast 70.3 on the weekend. Read it HERE
  5. OK so talking to a mate this morning and he said drafting was pretty bad at SC 70.3. He started to blame the draft busters at which point I said that no (realistic) amount of draft busters will stop something that competitors are making no attempt to eliminate. As Geoff from Ironman said when I spoke to him about IM Melb, yes there were packs, but when there is 500m of clear space behind them, then it means noone is prepared to actively "not draft" I know here we all say we dont draft, whether its because that is actually the case or because we have our name (or tranny name) attached to the comment. But seriously do you, no excuses, no "They were all doing it", no "I couldnt let them go as they were in my Age Group", no "I was stuck in a pack and couldnt get out", no "there were too many people out on course" etc, etc, etc. The fact is WE can stop drafting but dont. The pictures, the stories and times dont lie. We are a decent representation of the field, so I assume quite a few of us DRAFT as well. NO names, be honest and lest try and get an accurate reflection on whats happening.
  6. http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/cairns-triathlete-erica-atkins-dies-in-hospital-20150616-ghpa5o.html Not sure whether it had been mentioned already, if so please remove topic.
  7. The growth in popularity of IRONMAN® triathlon in the Asia-Pacific region is set to continue with the popular MetaMan Bintan triathlon event becoming Swiss-belHotel IRONMAN® 70.3® Bintan, Indonesia. The inaugural race will take place on August 23, 2015, and be one of the first qualifying races for the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship to be held in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. More here: http://transitions.org.au/index.php?a=216
  8. Hi all A friend of mine is a masseuse and would like to set up a table to provide free massages for competitors at the Sunshine Coast 70.3. Does anyone know who she can contact about this?
  9. Hi all, I apologise if this has been discussed previously. Which 70.3 event/location within Australia do you think would be more suitable for a first timer and why? Thanks
  10. Canberra 70.3 was the first race for me racing in my hometown of Canberra, and my first race in Australia after doing all my racing and training in U.S. I had three goals for Canberra 70.3 1.Get my bike from Detroit to Canberra safely 2. Have fun racing in my hometown with family and friends supporting 3. Win 18-24 Age group and finish the year ranked #1 in the 18-24 ironman 70.3 rankings After a 27:09 swim in Lake Burley Griffin, a 2:24:56 ride around the city and a 1:20:23 run along the lake I accomplished 2 of those goals. Finishing in 4:16:57 in Canberra for 2nd 18-24 was a little disappointing but in reflecting on it I have learned a lot more from this race than many others I have been happy with. After going out too hard in the swim I faded in the back half and dropped off to swim a minute slower than I did in Miami 6 weeks earlier in a non wetsuit swim. The bike leg in Canberra really exposed my weaknesses on the bike after racing and training on very flat roads in the States. Descending down into Coppins Crossing I was given a dose of humble pie as a few people flew past me. I have known that my lack of time in the saddle leaves a lot to be desired in my handling skills but this opened my eyes to how much work I have to do. After getting off the bike 5 minutes behind the leader of my age group I knew I had to chase hard and opened my run with a 25:21 7km first lap on pace for a 1:16 split. After losing time in the second lap I began to fade in the 3rd lap and finished in 1:20:23. Reflecting on the race allows me to pinpoint areas that I can work on for 2014 and I believe having a slightly dissapointing race every now and then is neccessary to keep athletes honest and driven during the year. A full race report with photos and my thoughts can be found on my website at http://jamesthorptriathlete.com/2013/12/26/hometown-race-report-canberra-70-3/ All the best to everyone in the new year.
  11. The latest free Sunshine Coast Multisport Mecca e-magazine is now available: John Carey from Cyclezone gives us the lowdown on what spares to carry in a race Helen Tsitouris catches up with the Coast’s track stars and the legendary Ron Boyle Beware the double threat that is Peter Slattery Dietician Lorna Garden provides some timely hydration tips Middle distance runner and physio Margie Atthow has some awesome advice for avoiding injury And get the Coast’s best multisport event guide http://www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au/news/multisport-mecca-tirathlon-ironman-running-advice/2015842/
  12. I've signed up for Port half, I was initially feeling really nervous especially about the hill, but I'm starting to feel it's do-able. Those of you who have done it before and remember your first couple of attempts - would you mind sharing some things you learned? Just for a little background, I've done 3 seasons of triathlons up to Olympic distance. I was an outlier bad swimmer but now I've improved to be just plain BOTP. Running is my best leg but I'm working back into it after having a shin problem sorted (going well at this stage). I've been working hard on the bike especially strength and hill efforts. My goal is to finish but I have a secret time goal in mind.
  13. I was just wondering how many races you guys do per year, and what is considered "too much" to be able to recover, and perform well in all of the races. Obviously age comes a lot into play here, due to recovery, and it would vary greatly from person to person. Note: By "races" i mean Ironman's, 70.3's, Marathons etc.
  14. Hi all, I've been lurking around for a while but not really posting. I've got the Geelong Long Course coming up in a little over a month, this will be my first Half Ironman Distance race. I've been including some ride/run brick sessions in my training but have really been doing it with little to no science. Just to give me a bit of piece of mind over the last few weeks of training (or something to worry about), how long should I have built these brick sessions up to, and what intensity should I be doing them at? Is it something that I should look at shortening up in the last 1-2 weeks of training and increase the intensity. Any help would be great, I'm sure this has been covered before but I couldn't seem to find it. Cheers, Rollo.
  15. TTT

    Vegas 70.3

    Does anyone know of a link to watch the race online? HELP!
  16. Can't believe there hasn't been a topic about this yet, specially with Shepparton selling out so quickly. Are people really scared of the hills that they will not enter Port Mac 70.3 and the race will not sell out? I am locked in. Who else is doing it?
  17. I'm starting to feel ready to look at when I'll do my first half ironman distance. I've started with a list of events: 4/5 May 2012 - Busso 3 June 2012 - Cairns 19 August 2012 - Yeppoon 28 October 2012 - Port Macquarie 16 December 2012 - Canberra And the elite energy ultimates: Husky II – 19 February 2012 Bateman’s Bay – 1 April 2012 Forster – 7 October 2012 Wagga (last held 26 November 2011) Does anyone have any strong views on which ones would be best for a first attempt? Port Macquarie is tempting, being only 2 hours from Newcastle. (I live in Sydney but have family in Newcastle.) And for some reason I feel highly resistant about swimming in the lake in Canberra. Seems toxic. Husky II is obviously out, probably Bateman's Bay as well and anything in the first half of the year. I sort of need time to get my head around doing it. I'll probably make a decision after the Sydney triathlon in April. Would appreciate any comments or advice Thank you from a newbie!
  18. I drove up to Canberra on the Friday afternoon, with a friend who was racing and we stayed at Rydges Lakeside Hotel which is located about 2kms from the race site. We left Melbourne mid Friday morning and arrived at the hotel about 6pm Friday night. Checked into the hotel, unpacked bikes and stowed gear, refreshed with a shower after the trip up in a non-airconditioned car and then hit the town for a pasta meal. Saturday sooned arrived and an ex-Navy mate had offered to take us out on a recce ride of the 70.3 bike course, this i was keen to do as I had heard and read so much about the big hill at Coppins Crossing. The hill wasn't so much big but geez, it was steep and not being that confident on descents it was good to get to ride it in non race conditions. We finished the ride at the race site as competitor registration got underway from noon. This was probably the only poorly organised aspect of the race, there were hundreds of people registering, but the registration tent didn't appear to have any system, no age groups, no signage of where to go, and even the pro's had to line up like us mere mortals. After finally getting registered and proving my timing chip was working it was back to the hotel around noon and it was out too lunch and yes pasta again. Another friend flew up in the morning and we all went back to the race site for bike check-in and a compulsory pre-race briefing, we had to check-in there too to prove that we had actually turned up to the briefing. The briefing went for nearly an hour and the 1500 or so competitors didn't really appreciate sitting out in the hot sun only to hear what everybody already knew. Bikes checked in, safety briefing done it was time for dinner and yes even more pasta ! Race morning saw a 430am rise, tried to eat some pancake pikelets (?) with honey for breakfast but the tummy just didn't want to play and after staying awake for most of the night it was a nervous trip to transition to check in and get set up. Saturday saw Canberra quite warm with mid 20's temperatures and a cool change and showers forecasted for Sunday. Transition set up and I was off in the first wave after the Pros - 630am start. Whilst we we waiting for the Pro's to get underway, i was checking that my Garmin 310XT was ready when a guy near me asked if I have ever had any trouble with the watch and the quick release strap, to which i replied not yet, i hope you don't jinx me. Guess what ? rounding the last swim marker and i got a tap on the wrist from a guy on my left, yep, 310XT gone !!!! If i find that bloke....... The swim was a rectangular course on Lake Burley Griffin - i copped the obligator battering in the first few hundred yards but after a few minutes settled into the swim. Coming out of the water competitors were faced with the first rain storm for the day - it was bucketing down. Arrived at T1 in around 40mins which was about what i expected and of course everything there was soaked, bike socks, shoes, helmet and of course the bike, 4mins later (slow i know) i was off on the ride. Now as mentioned previously, i checked out the very steep hill / descent at Coppers Crossing on Saturday, and the torrential downpour only made me more nervous. 1st lap of the bike and it poured the whole lap, couldn't wear my riding glasses as the rain was falling so hard, visibility was poor, no Garmin, no idea of time, speed etc. Arrived at Coppins Crossing and it was time to take it very very easy going down the steep descent - at least i know my brakes work. Lap 2 and the rain started to ease and by the 3rd and final lap the rain had all but stopped and had now turned into a very warm, humid morning. Into T2 after 3:16 ride it was time to don the very wet running socks and shoes and head out for the 21.1km run. The run course is 2 x 10.5km laps of the lake, mainly on concrete with some gravel sections. There was also a small to medium undulation at the far end of the run course which certainly caught me and my legs unaware. Started the run and could feel cramps in my quads, still had now idea of time or pace. 1st lap was done in around 1 hour and it was getting even hotter. The path that surrounds the lake is a wide white concrete path and with the hot sun now out it was bouncing off the path and making the run quite hot and uncomfortable for me. Onto the 2nd lap and i really started to hurt and with the words of my coach, burning in my head about taking in the flat coke on the 2nd lap i followed his instructions to the letter. I actually started the run with some cramps but battled through, by the time i got to the 2nd turn-around point, the cramps were starting to pick up again. At arriving at the 14km mark, the heavens opened up yet again, and whilst the cool rain was welcomed, it did play a little havoc for the runners. Finally crossed the finish line in my first 70.3 race in a PB time by over 30 minutes from my race at Shepparton in 2010 over the same distance so very happy with the race. Post race, back to the hotel room for a shower and change of clothes then back in the car for the drive back to Melbourne. Finally saw the end of a very long, (but satisfying day) around midnight. Right glute / let is still a little tight but after a soak in the bay today here in Melbourne and a light spin tomorrow i hope it loosens up. In summary, i enjoyed my first 70.3 Canberra - i felt i was under-done for the bike leg, but as it turns out i was 15 mins quicker than i was at Shep in 2010. I was also about 20 mins quicker in the run. I am beginning to think that losing the Garmin in the swim allowed me to race on how i felt and not what the data was telling. I did spend most of the bike and run asking people for the time, strange i know, but I had no idea. Spoke to Garmin today and they want a Stat Dec to say how I lost the watch and if i can get it witnessed, they may consider replacing it under warranty, that would be great. Now to rest up and prepare for my 2 week new zealand cruise then back into training for Geelong Long Course in Feb. Gary Ps: End time was 6:09
  19. symo

    Crowie still fast

    from ST http://www.slowtwitc...Vegas_2320.html Just noticed Rollison Top 10 men 1. Craig Alexander (AUS) 3:54:48 2. Chris Lieto (USA) 3:58:03 3. Jeff Symonds (CAN) 3:58:42 4. Michael Weiss (AUT) 3:59:11 5. Joe Gambles (AUS) 4:00:00 6. Paul Matthews (AUS) 4:00:26 7. Raynard Tissink (RSA) 4:00:53 8. Tim Berkel (AUS) 4:02:01 9. Luke Bell (AUS) 4:04:03 10. Alessandro Degasperi (ITA) 4:05:09 Top women 1. Melissa Rollison (AUS) 4:20:55 2. Karin Thuerig (SUI) 4:26:52 3. Linsey Corbin (USA) 4:29:58 4. Heather Jackson (USA) 4:30:21 5. Joanna Lawn (NZL) 4:33:08 6. Leanda Cave (GBR) 4:33:57 7. Heather Wurtele (CAN) 4:35:36 8. Emma-Kate Lidbury (GBR) 4:36:14 9. Christie Sym (AUS) 4:36:52 10. Michelle Wu (AUS) 4:37:03 Comment on this article
  20. Quick heads up for all Trannies that the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Canberra (Half Ironman number 11 in the ACT) is now 90% full and is expected to fill in early September or earlier. If you want to race the final Ironman 70.3 in Australia this year, qualify for one of 25 slots to the Ironman World Championship 70.3 in Lake Las Vegas, and gain the final points towads the Australian LD Team - this is it! All info and entry portal at http://www.ironmancanberra.com
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